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    Network printer help

    Hi folks :) A m8 in the US is havin probs gettin his printer to work in his network, i not too up on things like that so am askin here for tips or links or advice :) Here is his message Cheers :) BaNzI :D
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    WMF patch now at windows update

    Hi folks :) Looks like M$ has bowed to pressure about makin users wait till the 10th of jan for the security fix for the WMF exploit, patch is now available at windowsupdate :) BaNzI :D
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    Best forceware drivers for GF4 TI 4200

    Hi folks :) Bought the above mentioned card from me m8 as a upgrade for me old GF 2, qat the mo im usin the latest forceware drivers 81.85 but they seem to be causin a few slight niggles, those drivers seem to make any media player need access to physical memory ( i use Processguard) Also games...
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    Opera 7.53 is out

    Hi folks :) Opera 7.53 has been released & is now on the main Opera site Opera 7.53 for Windows Changelog Opera version 7.53 is now available for download. Changes since Opera 7.52 Security Fixed a JavaScript problem that made it possible to show one URL in the address bar, but load a...
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    Perfectdisk defrag

    Hi folks :) I was using o&o defrag, but find that Perfectdisk's offline defrag works much better, so i unistalled o&o, rebooted & then installed Perfectdisk & then updated it, only prob is when i try to preform a offline defrag, it asks me to reboot, i reboot, but XP stalls on the boot screen...
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    Spyware found

    Hi folks :) I always run a spybot scan at minimum twice a week, nevdr finds much (yup it updated regularly) Have been tryin Webroots SpySweeper 2.6 & it found three things, the Alexia toolbar (removed it), Eacceleration (something to do with NOD, last time i removed it on win98, NOD's IMON...
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    Probs installin Mcafee virusscan home version 8

    Hi Folks MY prob is that when i try 2 install that app, i get nothin but internet explorer script erros Have attached 2 screengrabs 2 show U what i mean If i click yes i then see this I have reset IE settings 2 their defaults, but still no luck, i think that a spyware prog or security...
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    Kazaalite 2.4.1 released

    Hi Folks New version of kazaalite available that merges the 2 progs( lite & kpp) Kazaa Lite K++ 2.4.1 has been released! The two different versions of 2.4.0 (Kazaa Lite & Kazaa K++) have been merged. From now on there will be only one version. Changes: - Merged the features of the two...
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    A few questions about the new kazaalite

    Hi Folks:) Like a lot of U, i got the new 1.40 version of kazaalite After installin it & givin it access in kerio for 4 types of connection ie TCP in, TCP out, UDP out & UDP in.Told kerio 2 remember me choices Then later on when checkin me port state at , i foubd that all me ports...
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    Poacher & Beer

    Heh somethin tells me poacher likes beer:):p BaNzID
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    Nero 6 Ultra version

    Hi folks, just a little news 4 all U nero lovers(scarecrow&poacher lol) Nero All-in-One Authoring Updated Ahead packs CD, DVD burning, data backup, and more into Nero 6.0 Ultra Edition. Tom Mainelli, Wednesday, June 18, 2003 NEW YORK -- Ahead Software is unveiling at Nero 6.0...
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    AvastPro4 & Incredimail

    Hi Folks:) Got a question 4 U all I used 2 use NAV2002, but after gettin some advice from the fine folks here, i changed 2 Avast Pro 4 AV soft It works ok with Outlook Express, but i like 2 use Incredimail & can't get the mail scanner 2 check the mail I tried what it said in the help file(ie...
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    Hi:) I some how got this RPCSS.exe on me win98se box Don't know how it got there, maybe through windowupdate Question is what is it, do i need it, anyway of gettin rid of it I've blocked it in Kerio from accessin the net, but it always seems 2 be there listenin Cheers 4 any advice...
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    Problems Udating Nero

    Hi All Had 2 format at the weekend & reinstall:( But the prob i got is after installin the bundled version of nero & InCd, i can't update nero:confused: I got the latest version & have tried the same with ver 15a, but it always the same It unpacks itself, then pops up a dialog sayin some of...
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    Win2000 probs

    Hi all :) Well me tried setting up 2000 yesterday morning, waited ages 4 it 2 install, then setup graphics drivers & firewall & AV, but there seemed 2 be a prob with the liveupdate & livereg as it wouldn't let me register it, but after Kerio 2.1.15 went on & rebooted, all i got was a blue...