Network printer help

Hi folks :)

A m8 in the US is havin probs gettin his printer to work in his network, i not too up on things like that so am askin here for tips or links or advice :)

Here is his message

Long story very short...I am trying to network a printer on a wireless setup, and use the base PC tower as the server. The laptop runs Vista (yuck) and the tower runs XP, and I can't get the bloody laptop to see the printer or the network!

Setup is like this


And off of the wireless I use the laptop. Why wont the bloody laptop see the printer? Ive opened up print sharing, Ive opened up everything that need to be opened...but no joy.

Any ideas?
Cheers :)

BaNzI :D
This is how I do it.
1, share it on the pc with it.
2, on the network pc, look for it under My Network places >"View workgorup computer" (or what ever you call your network) The pc with the printer on it.
Click on the pc, then click on the printer.
3, then just load the drivers and your good togo.
I just tried to do it again on my pc to verify it but my pc is not cooperating right now. But that is the easiest I found.
Good luck