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    Ripping device recommendation needed

    Hi mates! My old LiteOn CD-ROM ist slowly dying, so i need a new drive as main rippping device. As the time for CD-ROM drives is gone, i think it's time for a IDE DVD-ROM drive. Quality in ripping results is prefered than ripping speed. So it should provide C2 error informations. The new...
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    Any opinions about O&O Defrag Pro v8?

    Any opinions about O&O Defrag Pro v8? I'm currently using v6.5. Is it worth to upgrade, esp. the "layout.ini" option sounds promissing? Greetings from Duracell
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    cFosSpeed X-Mas offer: 9€ No i'm not working for them! i saw this offer while looking for an update; so far the cost for a "driver" was the only negative fact; it's my honestly opinion cFos optimizes your PPPoE connection by using it's Traffic Shaping technology ; would highly recommend...
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    You know _The Ring_?

    if not, have a look: (right click > "save as") Greetings from Duracell
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    Which drive suits for me?

    O.K. guys and gals, seems my time for buying a DVD writer is coming. :eek: :D I know there are lots of threads about "Which is the best drive?" but my requirements are different. Mostly I will use it for data storing. So DVD-RAM recording capability seems highly recommended. When I say...
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    buning fails with ECDC in XPSP2

    got the following message via PM from a new (afraid?) forum member; so please don't blaspheme, mates; :)
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    capturing via BT878 works only after reboot

    OS: W2k SP4, DirectX 8.1 board: A78NX Deluxe (nForce2 Ultra 400) TV card: Terratec TerraTV+ (BT878) WDM drivers are up to date capturing/watching TV works only when i use the device a few minutes after rebooting; then i can caputure/watch for ages without a problem; if i start the software...
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    charity wanted

    Dear Janie, i'm currently bearing sniffles, sore throat and head aches, you know this is allways hard for a man; i don't know if i will awake again tomorrow ;) so every encouragement is welcome; :D Greetings from Duracell
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    Experiences about EPSON Stylus Photo R300?

    Anyone around with experiences about EPSON Stylus Photo R300? (capatable to print onto CD/DVD media) Or are there generally pluses or minuses about Epson? currently i'm thinking about buying this thing; don't have a printer...
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    Recommendations for AMD system needed

    in the earlier january weeks i like to set up a new system in mid price range; it will be a Innovatec watercooled system in a Chieftec Dragon BigTower; so i like to list the questionable parts here, to get a recommendation from you mates; --------------------------------------------------- the...
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    need a 24/96 sound card recommendation

    i want to buy an audiophile 24bit/96kHz sound card; multichannel is not important, but a must have is the ability to ignore the "Copy Bit" via S/PDIF-In; mainly i want to remaster my DAT cartridges and some LPs to CD-R; ignore Copy Bit is mostly a discreetly feature and not documented in the...
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    How to make a service visible in MMC?

    i asked this question already in another forum, but got no answer; :( actually i'm using W2k, but the problem will be the same in XP; i know the XP forum gets more hits (probably more problems :D ), so i will ask here; my example: a critical device driver (Arrowkey CD/DVD Inspector) is called...
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    How to split a DivX AVI file ...

    ... without recoding! Today I had to split a 2,10 GB DivX coded AVI file into 3 parts to fit they on 3 CD-Rs. I didn't found the right info here (used the search button) and the tutorial titles are related to other topics. So i did the google trick and found this short and useful article. The...
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    WaveLab Update v4.01b available!

    Version: 4.01 b - *Updated July 29th 2003* - Platform: PC - Update - File size: 13 MB ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in version 4.01b 7/21/2003 since version 4.01a This is a minor update to fix a couple of issues found in 4.01a. · Main...
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    ACPI and IRQ sharing kills (audio) performance

    the link is about speeding up audio performance, but may also help to solve generally resource problems: english: Optimization of Windows 2000/XP german: Optimierung von Windows 2000 Greetings from Duracell ==> mods & admins: Should i double post this in the XP section?