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    Which Plextor to buy for Securom backup?

    Hey Gang, I'm looking at a Plextor PX-PREMIUM-BPS or a PX-PREMIUM/SW. I can't see any difference in the specs listed on Are there others I should be considering? Last I read, only "Plextor Premium" could do the latest backups. It has been a long time since I last posted. Hopefully...
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    Looking for "Macrovision free" analog capture card

    I need to buy an analog capture card to transfer VHS, SVHS and regular 8mm video to my hard drive so I can edit and convert to DVD. 99% of this stuff would be home movies, but there are some special commercial VHS tapes I have which have never been released on DVD that I would like to backup to...
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    Pioneer 107 and New Hardware Wizard weirdness

    I got a 107 and stuck it in my PC where my Lite-on 24102b used to be. Fired up the PC and got a message that new hardware was detected as expected. Then the add new hardware wizard comes up and asks me to insert a disc or to search for a driver. So I let it search and it didn't find anything...
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    Movie Industry Wins DVD Copying Suit

    A federal court has ruled that privately held 321 Studios must stop making software that allows users to copy DVDs, handing Hollywood's movie studios a big victory in their ongoing battle against copyright piracy. St. Louis-based 321 Studios said it would appeal the ruling by Judge Susan Illston...
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    321 Studios Games X Copy-Does it work for the tuff stuff?

    Has anybody tried this yet? How does it do with the latest copyprotections? "PERFECT backup copy of virtually any PC Game". I heard that the beta also handled PS2 as well. From above link: 1. Back Up your ENTIRE PC Game collection...
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    Real Audio RM to WAV converstion software

    I'm hunting for a simple program that will convert a Real Audio RM audio file to a wav file. I see many programs that want me to play the RM file in Real One and then "record" the sound as a wav. That's not what I'm looking for. I want a program that directly converts RM to WAV. If anyone knows...
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    My Xbox plays backups with no modchip

    My Xbox plays my leaglly owned backups with no modchip installed. I recently purchased a brand new Xbox and took it straight to a local shop. There were two points that needed soldered together and then the original BIOS chip was flashed with the Executer 2 BIOS and Evox was installed. This was...
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    PS2 50001 with IR Modchip choices?

    I was at the store today and thinking about getting another PS2 as a back up to the one I have. It is in the shop ( getting the laser replaced. In the mean time my kids are bugging the $#%& out of me about when it will be back home. I see that all the PS2 units at the store are...
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    Nero 6- "Unable to complete disk at once" data recovery help needed

    I have been using Nero to create archive CDs and DVDs of files I've been downloading since 1998 basically without incident. I typically burn these in "ISO" mode and have been doing nothing but DVDs since I got my Pioneer A05. The last few DVDs that I've burned that approach the 4.5 GB limit have...
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    Copy Protected Floppy Disk-How to backup

    I have a floppy disk that is a key disk for a program. When I install the program I have to insert the floppy to get my legally owned 50 user licenses. If something goes wrong and I have to reinstall, I have to get ahold of the software manufacturer to get another key disk and they read me the...
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    Is there a 2X For All Pioneer A06 firmware?

    I have an A05 and it kicks. A buddy is trying to decide whether to buy an A06 for $165 or an A05 for $142. I'm trying to convince him to get the A05 because of the abilty to burn cheap 1X discs at 2X like me. Any recommendations welcomed.
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    DVD Read error skipping-Best program?

    I have a DVD movie that I'm trying to backup. It has some scratches that I can't seem to clean. So most programs I've tried always crash at 60% into the read job. I'm trying Alcohol 120% now and using AnyDVD I checked the setting in Alcohol to ignore or skip read errors. It has gotten...
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    Been having trouble connecting for last day or two

    I have not been able to connect to recently, but I finally got in through the link form the "main site" via this link: Has something changed? Should I wipe my cookie? Should I use this link as my bookmark now? Oh and now it asks me to re-enter me ID and...
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    Red Hat 9 ethernet IP problems

    I just finished installing Red Hat 9 (my first Linux experience). I can't connect to the web because I get an error message when I try to activate my ethernet card (eth0). It says soemthing like it could not determine the IP. This multiboot PC is conencted to a home network where 4 PCs are...
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    CENDYNE 522452AU 1.20-What is it really? Lite-on?

    I bought a 52X Cendyne CD-R/RW for $15 hoping it would be a Lite-on 52X. After I installed the drive, Windows sees it as "Cendyne 522452AU 1.20" I've installed other Cydyne drives in the past and when you looked at them in the BIOS or device manager, it said they were Lite-on drives. I tried...