Been having trouble connecting for last day or two

I have not been able to connect to recently, but I finally got in through the link form the "main site" via this link:

Has something changed? Should I wipe my cookie? Should I use this link as my bookmark now?

Oh and now it asks me to re-enter me ID and password all the time.
Hi Bud:)

U might want 2 try clearin all Ur cookies & Ur temp internet files

If U still have probs, try changin the automatic login & browse board with cookies options

This was a prob when we changed server, but it been sorted now 4 a while

Hope It Helps:)

Yep it is a weird 1 Bud:)

Did U clear U cookies, i have no probs but i use opera & me details are stored in the wand

U could also try typin the address instead of usin a link 2 see if it works that way

Or U could try sendin N.B. a PM 2 see if he knows how 2 fix it:)

@cobo you really should not need any extra software to get to this forum !? i certainly do not need to and have never needed to !?

this was a problem with the DNS change over and most isp's should of picked the new DNS up by now most users just need to get a new COOKIE :)
Cleared all my CDRBase cookies, etc. still can't connect vai

I have no problem connecting at home where I have a different ISP.

Guess I will use for awhile here at work until I sort this out.
Markbot, im sure U don't need that zend optimiser, i had the same message & mailed an Mod & was told that i don't need it, i think it was a fall back page or somethin, but after a while the forum was back up

Maybe Ur work's DNS server hasn't yet been updated yet or they are blockin that address