PS2 50001 with IR Modchip choices?

I was at the store today and thinking about getting another PS2 as a back up to the one I have. It is in the shop ( getting the laser replaced. In the mean time my kids are bugging the $#%& out of me about when it will be back home.

I see that all the PS2 units at the store are the new 50001 models with the IR receiver and progressive scan DVD drive. I've also read that there is little if no option for putting a modchip in it.

If there are modchips that work in this new unit, which ones are they and what site has them? This is of course to play my backups of my legally owned games.

Thanks for the help.
the new v9 is compatible with Messiah 2 v1.33

freedomlives should be able to supply/fit this for you, ask Bill when you pick up your other machine :)


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I agree with psx_paul. The v1.33 is fully compatible and also the DMS3 compatible. there are some tests with the M2 v1.31 and There are some units on which it has worked and some that it hasn't. BUT the v1.33 is compatible.
I have been told that the word on the street is that the Messiah chips are "burning up" or shortening the life of the PS2 units. I've been told by my installer to go with the new DSM made for V9 PS2. I put a Messiah 2 in my brother's V7 and it works like a charm. Makes my Magic 3 look like crap in my V5.


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The installer may be trying to "hustle" you. DMS are more expensive and I think that's the reason he's trying to get you to buy it. I have not heard such a thing as the Messiah shortening the life of your ps2. I think it's a load of bull****. Also which messiah are you planning to install?
I guess I have to find a V 1.33 to work with the V9. I ususlly get my chips from, but if you know of a good source for Messiaha 2 1.33, please advise.

Thanks for your advice.