DVD Read error skipping-Best program?

I have a DVD movie that I'm trying to backup. It has some scratches that I can't seem to clean. So most programs I've tried always crash at 60% into the read job. I'm trying Alcohol 120% now and using AnyDVD I checked the setting in Alcohol to ignore or skip read errors. It has gotten to the 60% mark and is reporting a read error for every sector. It looks like this could take a long time until it gets past this bad sector. What is the best program to get through this bad area of the disc quickly? Please advise.

I've tried RecordNowMax, DVD Decrypter, Nero Burning ROM 6 and CloneDVD and they all just stop and report a read error. I also tried using my Pioneer A05 and Toshiba 1502 both as readers.