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    double sided dvd audio sync problem

    I have a 2 sided dvd which i wanted to back up into one dvd. I followed chickenman's tute on joining double sided dvd's. so far so good. When i checked the audio, the first half is in sync, but the second half is out of sync. so all i have now is a set of vob files that has the audio out of...
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    Benq DW1640 - What do you think?

    Hello All I was thinking of buying a Benq DW1640 DVD Burner within the next day or two and i was wondering what other people thought of it. Am i wasting my money, or are there other good burners out there that anyone else can recommend. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Graphics Card - What do you think???

    I am going to upgrade my graphics card and after endless reading and researching on the net & forums, i have concluded that the GeForce 128MB 6600 GT is the best mid range card. Does anyone else have an opinion or a suggestion of other cards that may be better or just as good. My budget only...
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    No sound when playing DVD

    When i play a DVD through WinDVD i get no sound, only the picture. It doens't matter if it is an original or one i have backed up. When i play a music cd or mp3's i get sound. Any ideas??? This is driving me crazy & insane!!! Thanks.
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    DVD Decrypter Help

    When i use decrypter it only decrypts the discs at speeds ranging from x1.0 - x2.0. This usually takes anywhere from 45 mins to 1 hr just for 1 disc. Whereas before when i used decrypter, it decrypted the discs at speeds raging from x8 - x13 as a minimum. I haven't played around with the...
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    Need help with converting VHS audio only, video not required

    I have a VHS Music Video which i would like to put on to a cd so i can listen to it. I don't want the video at all as i am only interested in the audio. Can this be done, if so how??? Thanks
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    ReBuilder Tutorial Wanted

    Hi everyone Does anyone know if there is a up to date ReBuilder tutorial. I had a look at chickenman's one but it uses vers. 0.26 and by clinking on his link in his tutorial it takes to the latest version 0.62 which is of course different. (like with all updates) Thanks
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    DVD Player Firmware

    I was wondering is there firmware available to update your actual DVD Player. If so, is there a link to it ??? I have updated the firmware on my DVD Burner, but i heard you could also update the firmware on your DVD Player. Is this true. Many Thanks!!!
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    Graphic Cards - Which One???

    I want to buy a new graphics card but i am not to sure which one to get. I know you can spend up to $500 or $ 600 even more on cards which i can't afford. I currently have an old Nvidia Geforce 2 with 64mb. I have a AMD 2.2 with 768 ram memory running XP. Can anyone suggest something more...
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    Graphics Software Help

    On some games that i have, i have the option of choosing how i want my graphics displayed using 3d rendering. The options are Direct X, Open GL & Software. Which one will give me the best graphics or which one is the best as i have no idea. Thanks.
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    DVD2SVCD DTS Question

    I ripped a DVD with Decrypter (in ifo mode) which was encoded with DTS to my hard drive and chose DTS Audio for the selected audiotrack in DVD2SVCD. But when i went to author it with DVD Maestro, i couldn't find the audio file for DTS. All there was, was the extracted audio files.ac3 - which...
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    Codec Help in Windows Media Player for XP

    I have a SVCD movie which i would like to play in Windows Media Player but when i play it, all i get is the audio of the movie, no video. Can anyone tell me what codec i need to get so i can view it. Thanks!!!
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    DVD Ripping Question

    I have a movie (85mins) with DTS which i ripped with DVD Decrypter following Chickenman's tute, but when i clicked on the conversion tab in DVD2SVCD it wouldn't allow me to chose DTS. It only gave me the option of AC3 6 channel which was already ticked. How can i choose DTS???
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    Windows Media Player Problems

    I am running Windows Media on Xp and all of a sudden i cannot play avi's, standard mpeg and avi's with ac3 sound whereas before i could. I tried an update and that didn't seem to fix the problem as well. Also uninstalling and re-installing didn't work either. Obviously i have deleted something...
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    DVD to DVD-R Problem

    I followed chickenman's tute on how to backup DVD to DVD-R, but when i go to burn it onto a blank DVD with nero, it tells me that it is to big and won't fit. The movie i was trying to backup is just short off 2 hours long with 5.1 sound. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.