For people who need good bt client - Must be some around that will be a while before they are "got at".

Now if the industry that they are "selling out to" is going to pass on the lowered distribution costs (yeah right!) then the result of all this may not be quite so awful. I can understand the aspect of a "piracy free search" to get hold of demos etc., but that was quite possible with torrent links on a site, no search required.

Given the choice, I'd sooner trust open source code, as it can have many pairs of eyes on it looking for code that may compromise the users provacy (though any use of P2P fairly comprehensively compromises privacy anyway).

I guess is you just want to "take the load off the FTP" for something like Nero (official torrent download, and about time!) or Openoffice, need to archive a small, neat and trim one - integrated video & stuff is not neccessary

Another fairly small client is Halite (Bittorrent client)

I guess that is probably the biggest source of annoyance at the announcement - UTorrent was one of the smallest clients, and used one of the more efficient runtime platforms, bloating it with junk would be a huge step back.
Bittorrent has made a deal with Warner for banning pirated movies......acquiring the most popular bt client,is a step in the right direction....
Version 1.6.1 (build 488)

--- 2007-02-13: Version 1.6.1 (build 488) Stable
- Feature: Select upload/download speed for a torrent through the rightclick menu
- Feature: Added encryption box to speed guide

- Change: Don't check as many pieces at the same time.
- Change: Misc WebUI changes.
- Change: Switch to JSON for webinterface

- Fix: Problem with category list in the gui when updated from the webui
- Fix: WebUI not clearing state between requests.
- Fix: Redirect also *********** to guest.html
- Fix: Added On Now shows the time it's added, not loaded.
- Fix: JSON uses " instead of '
- Fix: (a) Upnp fix
- Fix: Show pause icon when checking is paused.
- Fix: Fixed problems with XML parser
- Fix: Don't allow two message boxes to be shown in the RSS window
- Fix: Changed some window titles
- Fix: Fix malformed .torrent exploit
- Fix: Boss key field is now larger

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Cheers for the info bionic m8 :)

Anyone know if it safe to use these new versions considerin they have made a deal with bittorrent?

I just wonderin if maybe they have put somethin in that logs or calls home & tells them what U are downloadin?

Cheers :)

BaNzI :D
Safe afaik, using latest version. Plenty of "noids" among the users so i guess we would have heard something if there was anything to it :)
µTorrent 1.7 beta 1065

- Feature: Outgoing port range, via advanced settings (net.outgoing_max_port)
- Feature: List number of pieces we have in General tab (as part of Pieces:)
- Feature: Mark unavailable pieces as red in the Files tab (like in the general tab)
- Feature: Auto uplink throttling (beta)
- Feature: List web seeds in General tab
- Feature: Web seed support for single-file torrents
- Feature: NAT-PMP support
- Feature: Local Peer Discovery
- Feature: Option to configure whether rate limits apply to local peers (bt.limit_local_peers)
- Feature: Support for HTTPS links in RSS feeds
- Feature: Next Piece display
- Feature: Remembering the last selected tab in the main view
- Feature: Remembering the last selected tab in the preferences view
- Feature: Vista font scaling support (DPI aware)
- Feature: Secondary column sorting should now be supported by all list views
- Feature: New treeview-based add torrent dialog
- Feature: Added Reboot and Quit on Finished options
- Feature: Tracker "warning message" support
- Change: State files (resume.dat etc) are now hash protected
- Change: Save aside bad state files as .bad for analysis
- Change: Remove modal state file dialogs, instead log a message, only modal at program exit
- Change: UPnP now ignores net.outgoing_port setting
- Change: Added grid lines to speed graphs
- Change: Parse FlashGet client version
- Change: Added Log Errors to Logger context menu
- Change: Reject duplicate IDs (mimic Mainline)
- Change: Remove UPnP unicast
- Change: Send multiple UPnP search messages each time (because UDP is awesome)
- Change: Display client name as advertized in extension header
- Change: The scrolled window in the main tab is now able to receive standard input
- Change: New installation system, including the ability to uninstall
- Change: Now notes if it can't use APPDATA for settings in the log
- Change: Main window is now clipped to the monitor it is run on
- Change: Search bar is now hidden if the window is too small
- Change: During execution the application no longer prompts the user to save the resume file; only on exit now
- Change: The number of queued items in the create torrent dialog is decreased, which results in a quicker response time when stopping creation
- Change: Several ok/cancel dialogs have been replaced with shorter yes/no versions
- Change: Log listview now selects current item if it is full and keeps getting messages
- Change: New method is used to try to automatically determine an open port for the speed wizard on startup. This same method can be used by setting the incoming port to 0.
- Change: show tooltips for items in listviews with elipses "..."
- Change: Add some keys and input to scrolled window in general tab
- Change: Show torrent creator by the "Created On:" column in the general tab
- Change: highlight existing torrent when duplicated torrent added
- Fix: Various issues with enabling/disabling Verbose in Logger context menu
- Fix: Stopped/paused torrents no longer hold up auto shutdown
- Fix: Make Create Torrent more responsive to Cancel
- Fix: Log the correct internal port in UPnP port mapping log message
- Fix: Eliminate temporary on screen client version corruption
- Fix: Various minor issues with HTTP client implementation (error handling, parsing)
- Fix: Incoming HTTP connections could sometimes go dead (event dispatch problem)
- Fix: Some internal size calculations weren't 64-bit clean
- Fix: RSS error logging
- Fix: The general tab should now scroll down to and show the full comment field
- Fix: Fix many flicker issues throughout the application
- Fix: Correct WinSock version detection - it should fail now if it detects the wrong version
- Fix: Custom speedlists now show instead of the default in the main listview context menu
- Fix: Correct acquisition of special operating system paths (such as the windows directory) on Windows 95 family
- Fix: Fix shortcut creation for Windows 95 family
- Fix: Fix diskspace information on Windows 95 family
- Fix: Confirmation dialog for resume file saving now actually tries to save the resume file on retry
- Fix: Create torrent dialog now closes all the way when the close button is pressed during torrent creation
- Fix: Cleared progress bar in create torrent dialog when stopping
- Fix: Fix various tab order bugs in main window
- Fix: Shutdown on finish option will now shutdown the machine, even if it is locked
- Fix: Fix file association if uTorrent is installed after BitTorrent mainline client
- Fix: 307 redirection HTTP code is now handled, instead of an error (i.e.
- Fix: Logging is now done in Unicode, fixing some I18N issues
- Fix: Speed wizard no longer asks you to confirm twice when trying to close it from its close box
- Fix: Log listview no longer shows the horizontal scrollbar if it is past the last visible item but doesn't need to
- Fix: Pressing ESC on exit dialog will dismiss the dialog
- Fix: Fix z order of searchbox/toolbar on older windows
- Fix: Fix scrolling bug where scrollbar would not redraw sometimes
- Fix: Association check for limited users
- Fix: Enable users to have "maindoc.ico" in the settings folder for associated documents' icons for fixing them on older windows versions that don't automatically generate them

Download link

Version 1.7 (build 1085)

--- 2007-04-05: Version 1.7 (build 1085)
- Change: Tooltips over status bar and toolbar are now native tooltips instead of custom-drawn
- Fix: Bandwidth Allocation selection bug fixed
- Fix: Modal dialog boxes now give focus on close to the proper window (add button in RSS now gives focus back to RSS window, for example)

Version 1.7 (build 1111)

--- 2007-04-06: Version 1.7 (build 1111)
- Change: Dynamically load system file and folder icons for add torrent dialog (thus appearing more up to date on some systems)
- Change: Integrate tracker warning with tracker status
- Change: Clip the size of all resizable dialogs to the current monitor on creation
- Change: Will now use custom-drawn checkboxes in add torrent treeview if IE version is less than 4, instead of checking if they are really available
- Change: Never grey out associate .torrent files button in preferences so users can fix existing associations if they want
- Change: Change to how the random port number is selected at startup to avoid it being in use
- Change: Don't create DefaultIcon subkey if maindoc.ico doesn't exist so associated .torrent files have an icon on XP/VISTA if maindoc.ico doesn't exist
- Fix: Get free disk space on 95 varieties if there is no history in the add torrent dialog
- Fix: Previous build incorrectly handled some CLASSES registry keys and didn't remove them properly. This is fixed.
- Fix: Z/tab order of treeview in add torrent dialog
- Fix: UPnP discovery issues)

Version 1.7 (build 1137)

--- 2007-04-07: Version 1.7 (build 1137)
- Change: ctrl+up/down in torrent list is now ctrl+alt+up/down
- Fix: log scrolling bug
- Fix: & characters in add torrent dialog
- Fix: update disk free in Add Torrent dialog when a new path is chosen
- Fix: Lots of Settings dialog layout fixes
- Fix: Context menu now shows up in the add torrent dialog
- Fix: Items in add torrent dialog are now selected on right-click
- Fix: Display issues with add torrent dialog when there is only one item in a torrent and that item is a folder
- Fix: DHT status and update were switched

Anybody using the latest utorrent on private trackers??Im asking couse utorent is really great,but in my experience if youre going to few different private trackers and running(seeding) alwaus 10-20 torrents,then azerous is doing much better job-i mean ratio-vise.That was before and took me some time too see what the problem was,but always with azerous my upload is better-higher upload and better ratio..but that cpu is really killing me..
Looks like i need a new pc deffinetely:mad: :mad: :mad:
Version 1.7 (build 1170)

--- 2007-04-10: Version 1.7 (build 1170)
- Fix: "Move Up" tooltip corruption

--- 2007-04-10: Version 1.7 (build 1167)
- Change: Compact memory when system resources are low
- Fix: Improved UPnP device detection by setting TTL
- Fix: Multiple monitor clipping problem
- Fix: "Duplicate ID" detection
- Fix: A duplicate connection race condition

Yeah, it's still the same old problem: while uTorrent is a very fast client (faster than Azureus, and that is based on facts, not "expertise"!), it is STILL very weak in scraping the trackers properly- so it still misses a lot of good seeding opportunities.
On that field, the heavy, bloated, overfed Blue Frog is still extremely hard to beat! (I do not dare to say "impossible", but facts say it's miles ahead of the competition...).
Yeah, it's still the same old problem: while uTorrent is a very fast client (faster than Azureus, and that is based on facts, not "expertise"!), it is STILL very weak in scraping the trackers properly- so it still misses a lot of good seeding opportunities.
On that field, the heavy, bloated, overfed Blue Frog is still extremely hard to beat! (I do not dare to say "impossible", but facts say it's miles ahead of the competition...).
Yep you were right bud..utorrent is great for public trackers where you dont care about ratio,but now all i use are private trackers and azerous is miles ahead ratio-wise which means i had to continue with ram eater-too bad,i really hoped that utorrent fixed that behaviour:mad: :mad:
Version 1.7 (build 1355)

- Feature: Open URL in browser from RSS Releases tab
- Feature: Handle different half-open limits on Vista flavors
- Feature: Display Opera peer id
- Feature: Display BitTyrant peer id
- Feature: Support 3-state checkboxes in addtorrent dialog treeview
- Feature: Support multiple selection in addtorrent dialog treeview
- Feature: The addtorrent dialog treeview now displays icons based on the type of the file
- Change: Adjust horizontal scrollbar size in addtorrent dialog treeview
- Change: Logging options now independently selectable
- Change: Force a re-check after download location change of a stopped torrent
- Change: Better memory management
- Change: Add ability to install a shortcut to the quicklaunch menu
- Change: Always custom-draw checkboxes in addtorrent dialog treeview
- Change: Add Torrent dialog selects all items by default (return to old behaviour)
- Change: Handle disconnect during handshake sequence
- Change: Increased default setting of bt.auto_ul_min
- Fix: Auto uplink now correctly updates seed-only limit
- Fix: Memory leak
- Fix: Improved management of halfopen connections (remove some edge conditions)
- Fix: Display an error for invalid folder name in the edit field while browsing for folder
- Fix: Refresh RSS releases icons after download
- Fix: Properly update icon on RSS releases if item is deleted from history
- Fix: Do not add RSS item to history or update smart episode filter if .torrent download fails
- Fix: Incoming port no longer gets set to 65535 if there is an error
- Fix: Check state of items in addtorrent dialog treeview are now updated when child items are toggled
- Fix: Uninstall display name is now unicode complaint and displays correctly across locales
- Fix: Shortcut names are now unicode complaint and display correctly across locales
- Fix: uTorrent client names of later versions are now displayed properly in the peers tab
- Fix: UPNP and NATPMP now map the correct port when port 0 is chosen

Version 1.7 (build 1625)

---- 2007-05-02: Version 1.7 (build 1625)
- Change: The treeview in the addtorrent dialog now should have the same border style as the old listview
- Change: The treeview horizontal scrollbar size in the addtorrent dialog is tweaked a bit to more closely match old listview
- Change: A couple more strings I18N'd
- Change: More comprehensive support of unicode pathnames
- Change: Revamped installation backend including better handling of failure cases and checking of NT permissions for determining where to install
- Change: Don't block while waiting to delete from disk
- Fix: Reversed sorting on many listviews
- Fix: Update torrent size after context menu action in addtorrent dialog
- Fix: Memory leaks of directory names and item images in addtorrent dialog treeview
- Fix: Have mousewheel work on controls in modal dialogs even when they don't have focus (i.e. treeview in addtorrent dialog)
- Fix: A few misc memory leaks
- Fix: Get rid of duplicate default button in install dialog - "Yes" should always be the default now
- Fix: The requests column in the peers tab is now sorted by active requests then pending requests, instead of just active requests
- Fix: More tab order fixes to RSS dialog
- Fix: Crash with older versions of RSS history

And there was some unofficial betas:

--- 2007-04-30: Version 1.7 (build 1549)
- Change: Don't force an immediate recheck when download path changes, check on next start
- Change: Faster/smaller SHA1
- Fix: More (rare) memory leaks
- Fix: outgoing connection management

--- 2007-04-28: Version 1.7 (build 1514)
- Fix: Enable use_rangeblock toggle

--- 2007-04-28: Version 1.7 (build 1509)
- Feature: Detection of several more clients including Shareaza alpha/beta
- Change: Improve locale autodetection
- Change: RSS item will only be added to history once
- Change: RSS downloader will follow user preference to automatically start downloads
- Change: Installation dialog text fields width changed for translators and display purposes
- Change: Don't change the selection when the bounds of the treeview is reached and up or down is pressed
- Change: The contents of the add torrent treeview header is now shown when dragging
- Change: The add torrent treeview header is now resized while dragging instead of just on mouse up
- Change: Display warning if user tries putting illegal characters in path for Add New Torrent
- Change: Move legend one square back in scheduler for translators
- Change: Rearrange controls in speed wizard for translators
- Change: Leave up and down speed blank in main window if rate is negligible
- Change: Tweak RSS feed parsing
- Change: Improved half-open connection management
- Change: Reconnect to peers immediately when switching seeding modes
- Change: Improved and configurable bad piece based banning
- Fix: Fix many memory leaks
- Fix: Smart episode filter will download first successful RSS entry if multiple candidates appear in a single feed update
- Fix: Pausing torrents in queue will show paused icon
- Fix: Various issues with torrents of same name from multiple RSS feeds
- Fix: Improved UPnP including compatablity with Hamachi
- Fix: Fix some refresh issues with Windows 98 and the tab control and search bar
- Fix: UPnP port is now upmapped on exit
- Fix: Bugs where the scrollbar didn't appear in general tab when switching torrents
- Fix: Incorrect display of peer versions of uTorrent 1.5.1-1.6.1beta clients
- Fix: Some multi-selection issues with the add torrent dialog treeview with Vista
- Fix: Fix some tab order issues with the speed dialog
- Fix: Fix some tab order issues with the speed tab; remove tabinput from graph and give tabinput to reset button
- Fix: The header in the add torrent treeview now resizes properly on Windows 95/98

Version 1.7 (build 1672)

--- 2007-05-05: Version 1.7 (build 1672)
- Change: better DHT ping for BT node discovery
- Fix: potential crash bug on torrent removal
- Fix: rare memory leak in DHT