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Version 1.7.1 (build 3360)

--- 2007-07-13: Version 1.7.1 (build 3360)
- Fix: Invalid download amounts being reported to trackers for >4GB torrents

--- 2007-07-13: Version 1.7 (build 3351)
- Fix: Determination of which peers are local on Windows 98 (and possibly other 95 varieties)

--- 2007-07-12: Version 1.7 (build 3341)
- Change: use cached scrape stats if scrapes fail (up to 24 hours)
- Change: "When µTorrent has reached the seeding goal" -> "When µTorrent Reaches Seeding Goal" in Queue preferences to make capitalization consistant
- Change: Implement auto-resizing when header a divider in the addtorrent dialog treeview is double-clicked
- Change: Rework accelerator keys of toplevel menus in the download list right-click menu so that there are no duplicate accelerator keys
- Change: Use 48x48 icon
- Fix: crashes with addtorrent dialog treeview with torrents with a very large number of files in the same folder (100+)

Banned from some trackers, for ratting, apparently!

Some say 1.6.1 was the last "safe" version, others say 1.6, others say that it's time to go for an alternative.

Maybe it's just paranoia, but it's paranoia that could end uTorrent as as a useful client in many circles, especially after the sneaky way that Bittorrent Inc. bought it in to sidestep the open source obligations of their original client.
The banning was due to a misinterpretation of the changes introduced in v1.7 and 1.7.1 on the part of tracker admins.
The "ratting" was due to a bug introduced in v1.7.
- Change: Only report downloaded, verified good pieces in tracker announce
And this was fixed in the 1.7.1 build.
- Fix: Invalid download amounts being reported to trackers for >4GB torrents
Its already been unbanned at atleast one of the trackers.

For more info
1.7.0 is banned everywhere, and 1.7.1 is currently under heavy scrutiny.

And of course the recorded suspect pings have nothing to do with the added Multicast feature, as the new uTorrent developers claim (Ludde does not belong to the dev team at all anymore!).
Version 1.7.2 (build 3458)

--- 2007-07-21: Version 1.7.2 (build 3458)
- Fix: Disable Local Peer Discovery for private torrents