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    Nero v6 -----

    Hello guys. I have a couple of questions, dont know if its the right department. Question 1. I have at last bought Nero v6 OEM. Price 19 $. Which features is missing from a OEM release ? I have tried to find something about it at Ahead, but didn`t find anything. Question 2. Have burned some...
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    Ha! Acard CD Burner + DVD v5

    Ha! Acard CD Burner + DVD has released a new version of their software. v 5. You got 6 months for full trial. Stable and good software. No changelog Download from h**p://
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    Free tool for making image and restore your disk.

    Worth a look ? DiskTools ImageMaker is a lightweight, super-fast, FREE disk backup software. It enables you to make exact images of your entire hard drive(s), or separate partitions on a hard drive, to disk files. The images then may be restored to the initial or any other hard drive or...
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    Unknown Devices ? Problem with finding drivers

    Read here : Unknown Devices helps you find what those unknown devices in Device Manager really are. Program supports Win95, 98, 98se, Me, 2k, XP and 2003. It also attempts to support future OSes. It runs fine from a CD or floppy. Version...
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    New version of UltraISO V5.55 SR-1

    New version of UltraISO V5.55 SR-1 is released in 10 languages. 1. What's New +) Hanlde CD/DVD image up to 10GB +) Build-in ISO file manager, with user-defined "My ISO Files" folder +) Support .pdi (InstantCopy 7) CD/DVD image format +) Support Windows special folder("My Documents") +) Convert...
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    UltraISO V5.55 is released

    New version of UltraISO V5.55 is released. 1. What's New +) Space Optimize for N in 1 CD builder(works like cdimage form Microsoft) +) Handle more than 26 data CD image format, include 7 new format: NTI CD-Maker *.NCD Prassi...
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    NEW UltraISO v5.5

    1. What's New +) Fully bootable CD specification support +) Support more than 19 CD Image format, include: BlinkWrite *.BWI/*.BWT CDSpace *.LCD CDRWin *.BIN/*.CUE CloneCD *.IMG/*.CCD...
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    On The Edge ? Or over ? Dont forget to move /use the magnifying glass...
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    Clone Cd Images ?

    I repost this under another name. With so many clonecd users, must there be anyone that have something near a clue.... Clone cd problems I have for the latest versions of clone cd got a strange problem. When I start it and choose file (image) to cd, and browses to the image I have made with...
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    Clone cd problems

    I have for the latest versions of clone cd got a strange problem. When I start it and choose file (image) to cd, and browses to the image I have made with clonecd, I can choose the image, but after that clonecd only shows a number (4, or 0 or 1), and I dont have the possebility to burn it. I...
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    HyperOs WHERE ?

    Has anyone heard of or tested this ? Or even better, does anyone know where to find a trial, or the whole package ? FEATURES [1] First to bring Multiple Windows Systems within the reach of the home user by introducing the first double click, fire and forget, system swap. [2] First to bring...
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    Hard times.....?

    Chheck this out, found at h**p:// Windows Update Starts Checking P.I.D.'s Posted on Saturday, June 8, 2002 at 02:52 AM (GMT) by oqwarrior (Source: In-house) It was only a matter of time until this happened. Microsoft is now checking the Personal Identification Number of...