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    network bridge problem

    hi i'm having an annoying problem with my network bridge. my setup is 2 pc connects to 1 pc via 2 network cards.all 3 running win xp pro.when i set up ,my network bridge connection is @ 100MBPS.say after some time or a reboot,the connection is now 10MBPS i've set the nics to full 100 mode,but...
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    about kaspersky product

    hi can anyone pls provide me some feedback on kaspersky products nowadays?When it was still known as avp,was a nice proggie but as from version 4x,it became a memory hogger how gd do u guys n gals now rate kaspersky products,esp kaspersky internet security?is it better than f-secure? thx ;)
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    nvidia firewall

    just curious,anyone using it?how gd do u rate it..haven't found found much reviews on it from it gd for network & adsl filtering & better than sw based like outpost?
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    Kanotix 2005-04

    The last version for 2005 was released on the 31st.Go grab while it's still hot :D Highlights: Kernel with numerous patches udev 0.079-1 and new hardware recognition (hwsetup-ng) - no kudzu based recognition anymore. Drawback: ISA PnP not recognized...
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    networkin linux(kanotix) and windoz

    my trouble this time is similar to the post in the MS section,i need to network my tux distro with a win box,with my tux acting as server n providing internet access to the win box. for file sharing,i know in theory dat i need samba for the win box to recognise tux,but i get stuck beyond...
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    networking between 2k & 2k3

    hi err havin some trouble settin a network bet win2k n win2k3..want to set win2k3 as a 'server' n provide internet connection to the win2k(client)...using cross cable,i can c n access the win2k from the server but i dunno to set it properly with the client gettin internet is...
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    probs with monitor /graphic card

    hullo starting the new yr with a problem lol my probs is not zat serious ,but find it annoying,,,my monitor ,an ibm e74 ,has started to display with a sort of yellowish tint,it may keep it for some time n then display normally...i tried toying with the color option of my monitor,didnt change a...
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    some other tux distro :)

    some other distro zat i've heard but not yet toyed with ubuntu: Ubuntu is a complete desktop Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. The Ubuntu community is built on the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu Manifesto: that...
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    mozilla firefox1.0 finally out

    The Mozilla Foundation today released Firefox 1.0, the first major new product release since the Mozilla Suite's 1.0 in June of 2002. Firefox 1.0 is the completion of roughly 2 years of work on the revolutionary new browser, which has raised the Mozilla Foundation's profile greatly in its year...
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    amsn 0.94 released

    After some weeks of waiting... aMSN Team is proud to announce its version 0.94. The most important feature of this release is a fully functional version of the plugins system. Now everyone can extend aMSN's functionallity to the limits of his/her own mind. With 0.94 package comes two plugins...
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    Asus= tux unfriendly

    just found this thread in my lug mailist,worth a read
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    gaim 1.0 out

    Gaim: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Client that's good for the soul! version 1.0.0 (09/17/2004): New Features: * Drag-and-drop buddy support for the Invite dialog (Stu Tomlinson) * Drag-and-drop buddy support for the Pounce dialog (Stu Tomlinson) * View Chat log available from the interface...
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    Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8 out

    as per the title ;) What's New Here are the highlights for this Thunderbird release: * Global Inbox POP3 users can now combine all of their POP3 accounts into a single global inbox under local folders. * Comprehensive Data Migration Switching to Thunderbird has never been...
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    puttin my mdk10 discs into 1 1dvd

    puttin my mdk10 discs into 1 dvd as per the title,is it possible to put my 4 mdk10 discs into 1 dvd 4 private use,n is it legal?thx ;) if illegal i'll remove my post :D
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    Mozilla firefox .10RC is out officially

    just found it out at mozillazine forum u can get it at _