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    Power Calibration

    Can any one help I am trying to make a music CD using Nero. when it burns the drive goes really fast and then locks for a few minutes then I get a message on nero saying burn proces failed due to a "Power Calibration Error" Does anyone now ehat this means and how to overcome it ? Thanks
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    Backing up a game on a CD

    I am trying back up a PS2 game that is on a CD. When I try to copy it Nero locks up at the point on starting the buffer underun protection. I then have to reboot the PC as the drive wont stop. Can anyone help ?
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    I have been using Nero for burning Cdand DVD for someimte and all of a sudden both stopped. I have managed to get the DVD side working, but cant burner any CD's. I have recently installed Norton 2005 (not sure if this will effect anything) When I try to burn a cd the progress bar goes to 2%...
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    I have recently installed Norton Antivirus 2005 and since then I have been unable to use my burner for CD or DVD burning. I think some settings to do with my ASPI layer may have been changed in the installation, not sure ? Does anyone know of any problem with Norton ? Thanks
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    Burner Problem

    Has anyone heard of any problems with the following drive Artec 12x DVD +/- VOM-12E48X I recently purchased this and seem to be having various niglling problems burning DVD's and PS2 games
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    Can anyone tell what is the best media and best software for backing up Ps2 games ? Thanks
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    Back up problem

    I am trying to back up SSX 3 using Alcohol 120. It has given me and error message that says "2:58:43 (E:) VOM-12E48X(1:0) - [Write ERROR] LBA: 608, Length: 16 S:KEY - 05/21/00 - "Logical Block Address Out Of Range" Can anyone help ?
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    Error Message

    I am trying to copy a non protected DVD and keep getting the same error message. I first tried it using Alcohol 120%. The error message said "Disc dumping failed. Illegal mode for this track" I then tried it on DVD dcrypter using ISO read and got a longer message with "illegal mode for this...
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    Best Software

    I have had various problems burning DVD's, and would like to know. What do you consider the best software for copying non-protected DVD's ? a Thanks
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    Burning Problem !!

    I have a problem copying DVD's. I have got an Artec VOM 12E48X DVD Writer. It comes with Nero 6 (Bundled) and I have also installed DVD X copy. When I try to copy a non protected disk to another I get the following error "Copy Burn Process Failed at 6x(828KB/S)" I tried setting the speed to...