Error Message


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I am trying to copy a non protected DVD and keep getting the same error message.

I first tried it using Alcohol 120%. The error message said
"Disc dumping failed. Illegal mode for this track"

I then tried it on DVD dcrypter using ISO read and got a longer message with "illegal mode for this track" in it

Cen anyone shed some light on this problem.
Is it made with Nero? If so it might be "multisession" (sorry...) :D which is out of DVD specs- you might be able to copy it with Nero, no promises though.
have you tried just dragging the files across using Windows Explorer?

it does not need decrypting so as long as Windows can read the disc you may be able to salvage it. You may be able to fix the structure by using Ifoedit but first you need it on your Hard Drive :)