Burning Problem !!


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I have a problem copying DVD's. I have got an Artec VOM 12E48X DVD Writer. It comes with Nero 6 (Bundled) and I have also installed DVD X copy.

When I try to copy a non protected disk to another I get the following error

"Copy Burn Process Failed at 6x(828KB/S)"

I tried setting the speed to 4X and the got the error "Burn Process Failed"

I then tried to use Nero Recode, and got the following error

"Nero Record 2 encountered an error and cannot continue

Failed to read from file

Data error (cyclic redundancy error)

I am also having problem using DVD X copy but I think these are linked

I have managed to burn to a disk using Nero but from file from DVD Decrypter

Please can anyone help


I'm coming to the conclusion nero just $ucks for dvd burning!!! Also as far as I know DVD X copy will not allow you to make a copy of a copy. So why didn't you just use DVD Decrypter to copy it? By making it and ISO and then just burn the ISO with DVD Decrypter. I say that cause you said you can burn with a file that comes from DVD Decrypter.


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Thanks for the tip on X Copy

I've managed to get this to work. But I'm still looking for some software to copy non-protected DVD's any ideas ?