Xbox backyp to dvd

Hey guys...My friend asked me this....
How to backup the xbox games??
He needs to record it on dvd by burner??
Can all dvd burners do that and which models and media has the biggest success rate??
He has to network his xbox to his pc and then has to use an ftp client to transfer the files on his original to a temp space on his pc to create an iso....
But if his xbox isn't "modified" in any way,the backups won't work.....
he do that allready,he send the game by ftp to console.
So he just need to drop that iso on hd and burn with dvd burner??
The easiest way is to use the data burn method in an app like RecordNow Max. Create a new data disk, then add folders to add the data & burn to DVD. Saves the step of creating the iso.

Or, create the iso using SimpleX ISO, Craxtion or Qwix, then burn ISO to DVD.
So he should drop with ftp client from xbox to hd and just use any burning soft like nero and burn regular data dvd.....
After when he needs it..just copy that from dvd to hd and ftp again to xbox??
is this correct-can somebody confirm???
does need a regular dvd burner or some special type??can it do with nero??well it should be??
DVD-R (or DVD+R) burner should be sufficient, don't see why can't use Nero for data disk dvdr - I've always personally used RecordNow Max...