What is the best Packet Writing software?

ImgBurn is the product I decided is the most powerful free burning application I can find, for no other software comes close to its advanced features and options.ImgBurn includes support for:
every modern optical disc from CD to Blu-Ray,more than 10 image formats
authoring rewritable discs
producing images from file compilations or discs
building audio CDs from a variety of file types
creating video discs on DVD, Blu-Ray, and HD-DVD
enabling access to drives for restricted users
endless tweaking of all aspects of the burn process


Packet writing software allows users to create, modify, and delete files and directories on demand without the need to burn a whole disc. Packet writing technology achieves this by writing data in incremental blocks rather than in a single block. The most common file system for packet writing systems is the UDF format. There are following software packages Drag-to-Disc (former DirectCD), Nero InCD,Drive Letter Access.
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