What dvd burner do you have?

What Dvd burner(s) do you own?

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Pioneer A07XLB & A07B and a (Lite-on 812) which I dont use.
The DVD's that I have backed up mainly DVD-R all play fine on the standalones PLAYERS..only media that I use are Taiyo Yuden, Prodisc, Ritek DVD-R.
NEC 1300A and NEC 2500 and an LG DVD-CD/RW combi all work fine, only use Ritek dye discs and not had a coaster yet (fingers crossed)
My toys are....

LiteOn DVD-Rom LTD163D
Region Protection removed using firmware update

Memorex DVD+/-RW True8Xn

Both nice DVD burners. The Memorex burns certain x4 disks @ x6 speed. Not yet rich enough to afford the x8 media....also not in that big a hurry.
Use mine mainly for my business, digital slideshows. No problems and all is well so far ;) The odd movie back up here and there as well :D :D

....Dreem :)


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Just about to take delivery of a NEC ND-2510A.
I have a Liteon LTC 48161H Combo drive for cd burning, but this is my first DVD burner...
Added another Drive

Have purchased a notebook with the LG GWA-4040n DVD Burner works great shame no firmware available for it at the moment.
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Poco81 said:
Have purchased a notebook with the LG GWA-4040n DVD Burner works great shame no firmware available for it at the moment.
It would help if you said which firmware you have :).
I have just upgraded my Pioneer 107D to a Pioneer 108, its performing very well indead but yet to try any DL burning though.
A1.01 if I recall correctly but more interested in a region free version, been searching for tree days but no luck, by the way LG notebook.
LiteOn 812s + 832s no problems with either drive except RecordNowMax does not recognise the 832s and gives only Min/Max options to burn. ( even with the latest pxengine )

The Nero 6x that came bundled with it works surprisingly well, although I don't use it for burning movies only data.

Yet to try a DL disc, but the options are there in Nero.


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I still have a pioneer 105 but i will go for a new writer when 8x DL burning drives are available. (and cheap blanks of course)

I would prefer a LG or a LiteOn drive (SD-copyprotection ;) )
I'm beginning to think it's a better idea to have (if you aren't short of drive bays), an excellent DVD writer for DVDs, and an excellent CD Writer, instead of relying on one drive that may be rather average in all tasks - and in some cases, they may also be able to cover each others shortcomings.


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yep your right but my excellent cdwriter can´t do correct sd2 (plextor premium) ;) glad to have a liteon 48246 too :D


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hey all will my pioneer A-106 burn a dvd-9 or 10 disk? Also where can i get such a dvd that big? I'm in canada!

The Pioneer 103, 4, 5, 6 & 7 CANNOT burn DL media, it is only the latest 108 that can. At $12 each for DL media, who cares where they can be had :D


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I have just fitted the Pioneer 108 .. looking forward to putting it through it's paces and seeing what it will do :D