DVRFlashGUI - Front-End for Agent Smith's brilliant DVRFlash


If anyone is interested, there is a newer version of DVRFlashGUI available.

.:: Changes ::.

- bug fixes
- now supports Win98/Me/2000/XP
- auto detects devices
- auto filtering of firmware and kernel files

Cheerz :) ;) :D


@VIPER it's worth the upgrade firmware just for the improved reading.
Still 8x media is at the price of what 4x media was say 3 months ago.
But like the rest here max burn with the hacked firmware on 4x media is always 6x for mi..
Theres talk of Pio DL drive burning at 4x (DL) but thats cyber news once again.. ;)
ive took the plunge earlier today RASTA if its good enough for chicky and the bozman then its good enough for me :)

not tested for reading as yet but.... burns just as good as before lol :):):)