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    Poster boy

    New freestyler is now making an album Sunny Nights and Dark Days. Here is my personal favourite song, i wish I could put it on here but I can't at the moment. Jurassic Harlem-by Poster boy I'll try to put it on later, those who have heard it plz write your comments if you liked it or not.
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    Free Ringtones?

    Hi does anybody know where I can download ringtones for FREE? I have a Nokia 3595 cell phone. Anybody have ANY idea?
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    Grand Turismo 4

    anybody have ANY idea when Grand Turismo 4 is coming out? I want to get that game. P.S> finally got NFS:UG last night and boy was it awesome. though I still don't understand the purpose of "Drift."
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    Play games online?!?

    I was looking at a store flyer and I came across NFS Underground for PC. It said that you can play it vs ps2 users, so my question is can you play it online vs online ps2 users?? Has anyone done so?
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    Playstation 2 Version Chart

    To check what version you have look at the sticker at the back of your ps2. Plz check the document. -All SCPH-39001 are v7, -All SCPH-35001 are v4's. -All SCPH-50001 are the new v9's depending on what the mainboard is v9's and v10's are identical. v10's have a GH-025 mainboard. Also if the...
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    To All You Xbox Newbies

    All of you xbox newbies check out this site. It'll be helpful to you. Check out the tutorial section. It'll take you from a n00b to a smartie.:D
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    NFS Underground

    NFS UNDERGROUND now released. This game is ill. IT's awesome, almost like fast and the furious. Sweet game!
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    Gamecube, xbox, or PS2?

    Which one would you buy? If you bought one and regret having it then vote for the one you want and not the one u have!!! VOTE Above!!!
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    Colour Adjustment

    Hey admins, Can you adjust the colour of where it says Thread, Replies, Views etc..... THat is blue and the background it blue. It is very hard to see. I know it sounds minor but it's a suggestion. Can you do something about that to make it more visible!
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    NFL BLITZ PRO now released!!!!

    NFL BLITZ PRO NOW RELEASED!!!!!! I'm hoping to get that game on Tuesday. I'll write what I think of it etc... So far the reviews I've heard from it are excellent. It's more releastic now. No more 30 yard 1st down's now it's 10yd to a 1st down. If anyone else gets this game then write reviews.
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    Nice To Be Back!!!

    Wow, IT's nice to be back. I don't know if it was just me or other's but I couldn't get onto this site for a couple of days. It gave me a 504 Bad Gateway message. PHEW!!! now that that's gone I can finally get back on.
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    Can't post a new thread!

    Hi, I don't know why but I can't post a new thread in the Hot Topics section. Can only Admins and Mods post in that thread?!? It gives me the screen that says: You do not have permission to access the page that you were trying to. Are you trying to edit someone else's post or trying to access...
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    Burning DVD Moves with PRASSI PRIMO??

    hey, Can you burn a DVD5 or DVD9 movie with Prassi Primo2.0??? Can somebody please post a guide?
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    V9's modding

    Well now that the v9 units are out on the market modding them is an issue. I'd like to know if anyone has or knows some1 with a modded v9 plz post. I'd like to know what modchip is compatible with the v9. (SCPH-50001). Thanks.
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    Ahoy hoy

    Site is great!! Already downloaded PRassi Primo 2.0 for DVDr backups.