z-340 vs z-2300


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Hey. Does anyone know if the z-2300 will be much better than the z-340. I got the 340's now and i want a big improvement on bass. Dont really care about sound quality just the bass. Want it to be able to be heard outside or pretty much equal to a car sub. Just been reading reviews and they both say bass is real good but the 340's bass hardly reaches the hallway from my room.
Saw one review (Z-340) "can shake the pencils off my desk", and a lot of praise, but maybe the smaller driven unit and passive "pressure driver" is not up to the same power as a larger roll-surround driver (which the 2300 has).

The numbers are a lot higher for the 2300, even by the wierd and wonderful way that speaker power is measured.

The sub is actually WORKING, I take it? - driven moderately hard, you can usually feel the vibration, or hear the effect of covering the speaker or port with your hand.

My Tevion NXT 5.1 set replaced a previous 2 speaker set (no sub) that had worked well and served 3 previous systems and countless minor upgrades.

I turned the bass up so I could hear an feel the sub, played a few rounds of some shoot-em-up, then listen to some streaming radio and had to turn it back to more sensible levels, as it was irritating on anything that was more than just booms and bangs.

PS. On a 2.1 set driven through a single jack, select "2 speaker" as the soundcard output mode, using any settuing with a ".1" in it will route the bass to "no connection".


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Yeh i had a read of that review to lol. It doesnt shake pencils off my desk thats for sure. Its conected to an audigy 2 SC still works fine except the power lights kinda ran out. Ive tried to find places that sell the z-2300 i live in the melbourne area tried landmark comptuer and C world. Anywere else? they dont seem to be a popular speaker.


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just to let all bass heads know. The z-2300's bass is real good. U can feel and hear the bass rooms away. Just like a car sub.