Windows XP Built In Firewall

I suppose it is pretty useless on MS`s default settings.But it can be tweaked and/or integrated with other firewalls (the excellent old Tiny PF 2-the technology which XP`s FW is based apparently-Kerio also took it over and further developed it) I`m gonna try integrating it with Tiny 2 or Kerio.They should be compatible...
Combining it with another firewall is not wise... you will surely have conflicts. But combining it to a sandboxer like Tiny Trojan Trap sounds very sensible.
scarecrow-Interesting idea,thanx for that.Basically XP`s firewall isn`t really that bad..It just needs a little extra help...
Here is my take on it, as well as Leo LaPorte's from Tech TV labs:
If you don't have another firewall, use it... it's better than nothing, otherwise disable it and use a hardware firewall. If you must go for software firewalls, then use Kerio, Sygate, Zone Alarm (perhaps better than msn one lol), Tiny Personal Firewall, etc.
But NOT Zone Alarm...Everyone in the know knows that`s not a REAL firewall...What are they trying to pull with that product..