why my convert dvd video by nero....?


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Hi all,
why my option " convert DVD-Video Movies to Nero Digital(TM)" not working? Select "DVD", the click on the " Convert DVD-Video Movies to Nero Digital[TM] "...it take it but then go back to the Main Nero Menu. would somebody please tell me why??? :confused:
Thank you. It is good to learn the new tool . :D
I havent used Recode to make Nero Digital images for a long time, only used it when it first came out. I find them to restrictive as you can nly view them with Nero's Player. There is talk that some DVD Player will suport playing them (like they currently play DivX & Xvids) but they have not appeared yet.

As for your problem, sorry I cant help you there.


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if it still have limited of all DVD player so will wait till it is popular. Thank you for your help.
There are more and more Nero Digital certified devices being released all the time. Besides Nero Digital = mp4, the official MPEG-4 container. Much better than the whole avi mess that DivX created.

Nero limits certain features based on serials, however if the option shows up then I guess it should work.