What emulators available for xbox


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I am getting my x-box xhipped and wonder what emulators are available for it. I know about mame as the guy that is chipping is also installing a 120gb HDD with mame, evox and other goodies.

new2this ;)
There are lots more emulators available for Xbox. I've just started looking into these myself as I have just purchased an Xbox :)

Give me a couple of days, and I will put something together similar to my PS2 emulator sticky :)
ok these i know are available for definite:
every nintendo console/portable apart from the gamecube- the n64 emulator plays most of the early games no sweat but the bigger newer games (stuff like perfect dark) may or may not play and if they play may not look right- or be slow/jerky
every sega console/portable upto the megadrive/mega cd/mega 32x (may be a saturn emu but not sure about that)
Every atari console.portable upto the jaguar, and there is an st emulator too
Every commodore console/computer upto the amiga
Turbo grafix/pc engine
Coleco consoles
playstation 1 (not many games work 100%- and you actually require a bin/cue file rather than the actual cd)

think thats about it