wave format ogg vorbis audio codec????????

grant_c2003 said:
were can i get this codec? as i need it to listen to a file.
I think you should cllasify this more exact..Couse vorbis is a codec,ogg is a container.....etc..what are you trying to do-play?
Sounds like they are after the vorbis ACM codec. I am sure a google search would give you a download link.

There are also directshow filters for ogg vorbis playback in wmp, etc. Also MPC has a built in ogg splitter so that combined with core vorbis also works.


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its a xvid movie file im trying to play. it plays but with no audio. i used g spot to find out what codec i need and it says the following:

ogg_vorbis_3_plus (0x6771) Ogg Vorbis
Why would anyone in their right mind use ogg vorbis in an AVI?

It is possible that Alexnoe will find a way to hack vorbis into AVI, however that day has not come yet.

As I said you need the vorbis ACM codec.


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i installed the ogg vorbis acn codec and the audio is now making all sorts of weird noises. What can i do? i really need to hear this avi file?