Voip in the UK

My daughter has gone to the UK for a year or so and where she is staying she has access to wireless broadband via her laptop. She has Eyebeam softphone setup on her Lappy, all she need is a cheap, no frills, no setup or per month fee voip SIP account that has cheap calls to Australia so she can ring her friends back home.

I have found 3 that may be suitable, but their sites are so bloody complicated an so non-informative.
Voipfone UK VoIP Internet Phone Service - VoIP PBX Switchboard and Telephony services UK VoIP Internet Phone Service - VoIP PBX Switchboard and Telephony services and appears no setup cost and 1.75 p/min to Oz landline and does appear to be able to call an Oz mobile :(
Sip-gate sipgate - free phone service over your broadband link - voice over ip provider. - free phone service over your broadband link - voice over ip provider.have no setup or monthly fees and 1.8 p/min to a landline and 15.1 p/min to an Oz mobile.
Voipbuster VoipBuster - The Free Calls Company appears to have Free calls to Australian landline (PC to Oz Landline) but 0.179 Eur/min to an Oz mobile.

Anyone used any of these services or could recommend an alternative as I would be most appreciative :)

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VoipBuster - The Other Free Calls Company - VoipBuster give a quota of Free usage per topup - 120 days, 300 minutes per week

Voipcheap.co.uk only give 90 days per topup, but are 0.139 EU/min to an AU mobile

So to compare those two...

Credit does not expire, freedays are 120 per topup and do expire, Freecall FUP is 300minutes max over the last 7 days, over-use will be charged to call credit (0.8p/min for AU landline).

FUP, can't find an amount
Out of freeday rate, 1p/min AU landline

Found another one
VoipWise | Free Calls
Freedays = 90, FUP minutes per 7 days = 300
AU mobile = 0.09 EU/min - that's the cheapest mobile rate so far!

Other features - Voipcheap and Voipbuster offer a Voip-in number vfor just 1 Euro - if an AU number is available, the her friends could call her as well, though perhaps PC to PC would be better.

Looks like the topup is £5, so 300 minutes per week for 90 or 120 days for a fiver, plus using up the rest of the credit, is not bad.

It also seems likely that there are only 1 or 2 companies actually supplying the service, or else there is a vast amount of website plagiarism going on!
MEH they are all ripoffs mate ..cheaper to use skype free version or something or msn and a mic :)

just arrange to be on at a set time of day and be there :)
Yep, your voip rates are bloody expensive, I thought we were. All the viop providers in UK appear to charge at per minute rates, here in Oz 99% of them charge a flat rate for an un-timed call to a landline. Typically 8 to 12c (3.5 to 5p) per national call to a land line here and 12 to 20c/min (5 to 9p) to a mobile. I can ring the UK at 1.5c/m so can talk for an hour for a $1 (53p) :)

GoTalk here has a viop plan for $15/month for 300 local or national calls (we are a big country) plus 100 x 10min calls to a mobile. Voip quality is also excellent.

As for Skype, have to agree. We have no probs and chat to her each weekend, but its her friends where the problem lies. She rang using my viop account lkast Sunday, she could here me fine, I just couldnt hear her at all :( so I was talking to her on the phone and she was answering via keyboard & MSN as we wanted to turn Skype off to see if that was causing any problem.
Other appearance - Voipcheap and Voipbuster action a Voip-in bulk vfor just 1 Euro - if an AU bulk is available, the her accompany could alarm her as well, admitting conceivably PC to PC would be better.

Looks like the topup is £5, so 300 account per anniversary for 90 or 120 canicule for a fiver, additional application up the blow of the credit, is not bad.

It aswell seems acceptable that there are alone 1 or 2 companies in fact bartering the service, or abroad there is a all-inclusive bulk of website appropriation traveling on!

Well I visited the UK a few weeks ago on holidays. Met up with my daughter and gave her one of my Australian MyNetFone accounts setup on her Laptop. Now she can ring Australia for 10c (5p) untimed :) We used it extensively while in the UK to ring home, even used it on the train from London to Glasgow with their free wifi internet connection.