Vista got cracked - AGAIN

A hacking group calling themselves “NoPE” managed to create and release a hacked version of Windows Vista on a DVD. Surprisingly, this version requires no activation and no serial number, the same as those versions of Windows XP that were distributed as bulk with HP computers within corporations. After installing, it seems that your copy is already activated and you’re even granted access to the download repository so you can update your system files.

So we’re right on the tracks of Windows XP, the early years. Microsoft comes up with an ingenious system (at that time, product activation), crackers bypass it. Microsoft fights back, crackers evade the complicated protection measures and round we go.
I am not actually sure how they managed to do that, but the next step is more than certain. It’s up to Microsoft to make it and plan new anti-piracy actions. A Windows Update blocking for the cracked release would be a good start.