Using TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator


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Would somebody please help/show me to fix this problem. I am using TMPGEnc DVD source Creator to join two movies Divx Ac3.6Ch ...and the picture come out good except there is no sound. What kind of codes or how to fix it? thanks
Dvd source creator doesnt have support for ac3 audio.
You can:
Demux the audio with VirtualDubMod, convert it to wave or mp3 with fex. besweet.
Remux the audio and video with VirtualDubMod(make sure you disable the original ac3 stream)
Then encode to dvd

Have a look at TheFilmMachine? saves you work and lets you keep the original audio.

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Why would you have to use dvdshrink? Arent you trying to encode two avi files to dvd?
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