Upgrading old computer


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I just wanted to change my old computers graphics card. It uses SD ram. These are its stats or watever its called

2.0ghz processor
tnt64 graphics card
768mb ram
gigabyte GA-8SDX motherboard

I was gonna go buy a 9550 or something. But then remembers this is a SD ram comptuer and most graphics cards say DDR. so what would be a good graphics card for this computer? Under $75 aus. dont wanna spend to much coz this is just the 2nd computer of the house that we dont really use.
The type of ram on a video card doesn't have to be the same as the system ram. It is a completely seperate system. Just make sure that your card matches what the specs of your baord are. I.E. - The AGP slot 4x or 8x. If you don't have an AGP slot then you would need a PCI version. Hope this helps.


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oh ok thats good. Yeh im sure its AGP. Thanks for ya help. just gotta decide on which card would be best for the price.