Ubisoft Drops Starforce!


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When it rains, it pours at StarForce

Several websites are reporting that Ubisoft employees have confirmed StarForce DRM will not show up in upcoming Ubisoft titles. Galaad from CelestialHeavens.com (a Heroes of Might and Magic Fansite) claims Ubisoft and Nival are dropping StarForce DRM completely.

The original forum thread (English) contains a Ubisoft employee claiming "We have decided that the anti-copy protection used on the future Ubisoft games won't be the StarForce software" (translated French to English). There was no mention of what DRM would replace StarForce, though comments from other employees among the Ubi forums indicate that no future Ubisoft titles will be DRM-free.

StarForce, the DRM software for several high profile PC games, has been in the news a few times over the last several months. Three months ago, the company drew some attention for a bet made with its users. Comments made by some of the StarForce employees later helped skyrocket the sales of a competing product, and then to round things off angry customers sued Ubisoft over StarForce a few weeks ago anyway.