Trojan problem

I've picked up this trojan whilst browsing earlier:

F Secure says that it has infected four files but it can't remove them because the files are archived.

AdAware didn't even pick the virus up.Kerio has denied it access to the web.

Any ideas, how I remove this thing?

I couldn't run F Secure in safe mode. downloaded trojan remover, but it stalls on a file named bgaidldo in the Windows Temp folder.

i will try the suggestions above.
you should be able to flush the windows temp folder with windows washer or other program that clears the default temp folders :)
I deleted everything in the temp folder manually and ran a scan with trojan hunter. It couldn't access quite a few files but detected no trojan afterwards.

I couldn't even locate the the files it reported :confused:

Anyway, another scan with F Secure has detected no infected files, so problem solved.

Thanks all :)


There are Various Type Of Trick To Pick a Trojan Virus.It attract a PC Without Owner Permission.for that there are some software available in market like Trojan Remover.This is mainly used by the person.