Tips for beginners: CDR Burning

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Tips for beginners to CDR Burning

Tips for beginners to CDR burning



Getting ready for CDR burning.


Before we begin there may be some programs you need to locate and download from the web.

These are ForceASPI17 & aspichk. Look here.
If unable to locate from that site just enter ForceASPI & aspichk in your favorite search engine.

The Windows installations does not install a proper aspi layer> important for many CDR utilities/software.

It is an interface between your burning hardware/software. A good idea is to install it.

By using (ForceASPI17) best current version is version 460(1021) aspi layer recommended by our senior members here.

Now lets see if we have them installed before doing anything else! With aspichk which you should have saved in a known location on your PC and unzipped ready to use now run the program aspichk

(All you need to do is to double click on the aspichk.exe)

Now if your aspi layer are not installed correctly you will get a reading similar to the picture1 below.

Please take note that these results are for a NT system other Windows OS will be similar. Notice the Red background around the Adaptec logo?

Picture 1

As picture1 show's aspi are not installed hence the Red background and N/A text inputs in the component field.

Now if they were installed correctly and we ran aspichk.exe we would see a result similar to the picture 2 below.

Picture 2

Yes a correctly installed set of aspi layer, now we have a Green background to our Adaptec logo and now the component field are displaying details of the files installed. Now since many of you will need to install your aspi layer at some point in your life here's a quick guide using ForceASPI. Go to your folder where you have saved and unzipped ForceASPI17 or what ever version of ForceASPI you are using and open the folder. Now look for a file called INSTASPI and run this file by double clicking onto it. See picture 3.

Picture 3

Once you have clicked onto the INSTASIP file another screen will pop up..(a dos screen..Black background).Like the one in the picture 4 below.

Picture 4

Once you got to this stage just follow the instructions on the Black screen when finished just reboot your PC.

Once rebooted run aspichk and if all is well you should have now a properly set of aspi layer now ready to begin burning see picture 2.

A quick description of the file usage in ForceASPI folder.

instASPI - Installs the latest, 4.60 (1021), Adaptec ASPI layer on Win9x,
Win ME, WinNT and Win2K. Any existing ASPI Layers will be

dumpASPI - Creates a backup of your existing ASPI layer, or parts thereof.
Some Win32 operating systems do not have an ASPI layer, in this
situation you will create an empty backup.

restASPI - Restores the ASPI layer backup created with 'dumpASPI'.
WARNING! If your ASPI backup is empty this will completely erase
your currently installed ASPI layer.

collapse - This will completely remove your currently installed ASPI layer.

killDUMP - The deletes your dumped ASPI layer.

IMAPI CD Burning.

Now if you’re using Windows XP it has a built-in (useless) burning engine.That's our view on matter.

It is advisable to disable this, as it can create problems for you. Go to Control Panel>administrative tools>services shortcut.Scroll through the list to"IMAPI CD Burning".Disable it. Or you can use this route Go to My Computer once there go to your Burner and right click it and go to Properties see picture 5.

Picture 5

Now go to the Recording Tab as in picture 6 and there should be a tick in the box where it has Enable CD recording on this drive

remove this tick in the box. Once removed save settings by using the Apply button then OK button and closed screen once done.

Picture 6

Most new CD burners use DMA for transfers. Make sure it is enabled, or you could have problems burning CDR's. A good idea is to disable your screensaver, antivirus and firewalls for burning purposes. Basically we need just our burning programs running to complete our burning task.


With so many software’s on the market it’s empting to try everything. You are asking for trouble, you are sure to create software conflicts and ruin your day. Keep programs to a minimum.

Easy CD/DVD Creator is shipped with many new drives. It has to be one of the most troublesome products on the market. If you have it installed make sure you use it for everything, installing new software’s with it, is practically begging for trouble. Better yet, remove it.


They are not created equal. You can find inferior quality CDR's.Most failed burns/unreadable discs are created by lousy/unsupported media. Ask around for good brands, or use the media list suggested by your hardware manufacturer or serach within our forum.


Many new drives shipped with outdated software. Don’t know why they do this? It creates nothing but headaches. New models need to be added to software lists that is the reason for so many updates/versions burning software.



What CDR/CDRW writer (Burner) to buy?

The best current writers to buy are the Lite-on or their rebadged version these are some Sony, TDK, and Dell to name a few you can also ask within our forum.They handle most tasks, including backing up your video games. Other brands will work fine, but may be crippled for backing up your video games which are almost always copy protected. It’s almost never a CD to CD copy.

IDE drives these are drives that are internal to your system (inside your PC)

USB or Firewire drives these are drives that you connect to your PC externally via a cable interface and power source.



Non protected CD's

My favourite choice is BurnAtOnce (see forum), available at burnatonce it does all the basics nicely, and is freeware (the developer does accept donations). It can backup your data files, does audio, and non protected stuff flawlessly. It is the favourite here.


Protected Video Games/software (on CD)

Alcohol software is the best current software for backing up protected video games (see forum). Download demo Here The profiles for copying are built in to the software. A good add-on for this software is Alcoholer (see forum). It is a detection scanner that scans your CD's for the protections. It passes the CD protections to Alcohol, and the copying/ burning parameters.

Check out our tutorial sections for info on creating backups.




The favourite here is EAC (freeware) get it Here I would suggest using it in beginners mode until you get familiar with it. A powerful software that creates excellent results. Couple it with Lame encoder for encoding to MP3 or converting from Mp3.

Protected Audio

Again, EAC is one of the favourites. Keep in mind that many new audio CD's are protected, and this process is hardware dependant.


Going to suggest BurnAtOnce again. Easy to use, convert’s most popular formats (mp3/Ogg/Vorbis). Download from burnatonce


Packet writing to CDRW

Arghh..nothing but trouble! Best advice forget it! I/We won't use it. Unreadable discs, system problems, compatibility problems, etc. With the cost of CDR's so low just use a CDR to backup whatever you need.


Hope this tutorial helps some of you out. Feel free to ask questions in the forum. It is based on my personal feelings/experience. It is only created as a guideline. the Peoples Forum! We try to help you the best we can. So please the more information you supply to us with your issues the better our members can help you.

Thank you from all here at 2003
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