The sad tale of CAMSTUDIO (a Camtasia alternative)

Camstudio was (and still is) a program which can capture video and audio from the desktop, ideal for preparing tutorials, and possibly for ripping flash video

Camstudio started out as a very nice pice of freeware under the gentle stewardship of Atomixbuttons and Rendersoftware, with 2.0 it had a brief spell as Open-Source - at sourceforge.

Then (and how was the open source licence betrayed) Ehelp (producers of Robo-thingy) bought/stole it, making a banner-ized registerware version 2.1.

Then the miserable perishers got bought out by Macromedia, and Camstudio was dropped

Camstudio, the freeware alternative to Camtasia

Well, according to that, it CAN still be found, but it really is a rather sorry episode, no credit at all to Ehelp or Macromedia