Strangest thing!! Lazer banging and shuffling, please READ!


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I have been backing up my PS2 games for over 2 years now. Using the Swap ver 2.0 and flip top case with no problems ever. Untill today, out of no where i cannot boot a back up game. I easly load the Swap magic disk and the space/star screen comes on as allways but once i put in my back up and hit X The lazer makes a shuffling/banging sound then stops. It does this with ALL my back ups now! But when i boot up an original Ps2 game, the game comes on with no problem, smooth and without a sound. What would cause this?? has sony somehow dropped a bomb on my system via network adapter? I dont have a ps2 harddrive. I even got as paranoid as to unplug my RJ45 and take out my memory cards! Anyone ever have issus of this nature??

OH, just found out that id DOES boot CD based PS2 backups, but NOT DVD based backups, the plot thickens...
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sounds like your laser is slowly on its way out, DVD-/+R is normally first to go :(
you could try taking the console to a specialist somewhere who may try to either a) tweak laser pots or b) replace laser.