Start Menu - Most recently used progs disappear

I think the title probably says it all.

I used to hate the new windows XP Start Menu, since it's grown on me for the past few years, I can't live without the new start menu. One of the main reasons of this is the most recently used programs feature. I have the list set to the 6 most recently used applications, only problem is that they've all disappeared.

Has anyone else had this problem and mopre to the point, how do I fix it? :(
(this happened when I disabled drive indexing, windows complained about not being able to access a few files, unfortunately I don't remember them)


start > control panel > taskbar bar and start menu > start menu tab > customise button > and secound box down talks about showing most used programs and how many to show.
hope this helps
The option for showing several programs is still set. (I have it set to about 6, i've already tried with several values)

Normally, I'd format and re-install. Only problem is that I've got a simulation running on BOINC and I don't want to loose any data :-(
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No, I don't use programs to clear cache or temp files. Although I do sometimes use Microsofts disk cleanup to remove temp files.

I might just reinstall windows, seeing as it always seems to run faster with a fresh copy :(
Windows got a new start menu? :eek: When?

Now seriously, one should format+reinstall for WAY more serious reasons than that one. Most likely it's just a settings issue.
Try (for example) the simplest thing: creating a new user. Is the option working for him, or not?