A program to burn cd's and dvd's......and even blu-ray!........they have a free version that has pretty much all the functionality of some shareware programs.If you use the burning wizard,it's pretty straightforward,even your mom can burn with this 1...;)
Get it here:
Well,how i didn't see this before...
I installed windows 7 and really last few years didn't burn much,occasional DVD movie for a friend,as i watch movies and listen music from PC as most people here:)
Anyway i moved from xp and really had hard time regarding burning app.I had discjugller installed 3 times cause it just stops working???it was the last version and really never found the problem??
Didn't wanna install Nero cause i saw some version was 1GB????They must be joking:)
Anyway i wish i saw this post earlier cause looks like excellent app..
At the end i solved the problem installing alcohol120 and ones-last official version cause i think that company went down regarding burning software.
BTW;if 2.1.358 isn`t last version,somebody please let me know cause i like my appz to be updated as they can:)
I will keep ones until i have to reinstall burning app or windows :rolleyes:
Sofar it works OK for occasionally DVD data backup or a movie:)
anyway,nice to see Roudi that you're still on the top of the events:)
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