nice post there janie :)

a lot of use use this here along with adaware from lavasoft available here :)

best of both worlds and covers just about most adware/spyware :)

one note to remember removing certain spyware/addware can sometimes CRIPPLE freeware tools that are add supported so make sure that you really want to remove the addware listed that is found by these tools :)
Another good program to use and I beleive it to be more important is a program called Spywareblaster.

SpywareBlaster doesn't scan and clean for spyware - it prevents it from ever being installed.

Kind regards,
Yep, i use Spybot as well, but like VIPER says be carefull with what U remove, i tried Spysweeper & it ended up screwin up the IMON funtion of NOD (MicroDefsControl), spysweeper said it was spyware, but it was how NOD updated itself, i had to reinstall it :)

BaNzI :D
Spywareguard,SpywareBlaster,Spybot and Spyware sweeper are my guards.......rubbish will have a hard time to get through my shield...:D

I just put on SpywareBlaster. I feel so secure now! Anything, other than programs not working that I need to watch out for with this one? :confused: