Hi guys, Many of you will have seen my previous post about my midi problems with the clonking noises on the midi files instead of drums. I've been trying to find a decent soundfont file that will be able to get rid of this problem but I've had no such luck. I've downloaded many large soundfonts but still there was no improvement.

I have used Unison, Fluid, Real Font, and Chorium. They are all large in size but the clonking still occurrs. Can you please help me?
Scarecrow I've been using Free soundfonts. I thibnk I need soundfonts with heaps of different drumkits so that I can get rid of the clonking.
VIPER_1069 said:
@duracell you linked back to hunnich's original thread :confused: ?! where the problems started out :confused:
it was thought as an answer to scarecrow's question: "And (since I can't recall your post ATM) what is your soundcard?"

seems a was a little bit non talkative yesterday; :D
After reading all your posts in my opinion I think that you have a better option by simply buying a used soundblaster card (anything from live! and up) wich you could get at ebay for a very small price, then instead of using the original creative drivers get to and use the drivers developed by them, I know that this would make you spend some money but this way you´ll end with a much better audio quality and a sampler that would be only limited to the size of your RAM and with real hardware midi routing.
using soundblaster cards still requires the use of a soundfont. The quality of the sound will be deermined by the soundfont that is loaded. In other words... I go and buy a new soundcard and i'll end up here with exactly the same problem with the only difference being the name and brand of my card.