software equalizer for integrated audio ?

I have VIA-AC97 integrated stereo audio in the mainboard (that's good enough for me at the putter) and I would love to have some kind of software equalizer for the "audio card" so any sound coming from any app or player can go through it and use the same presets.

But I've been unable to find how to resolve this. I did search what I could and found Anwida Graphic Equalizer Pro, but it didn't worked for me (just couldn't make it work).

Do you guys know how can this be done ?
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LTR12101B said:
Which AC97? - apparently there are some nice tools in the current REALTEK drivers - including an equaliser.
VIA AC'97 A1u390a; Enhanced Audio WDM Driver
Im not at my machine to check but im sure i have the same onboard audio Ponzan and i think there are some utilitys for it on the motherboard disk along with the drivers :)

have a look and see mate :)
LTR12101B said: - latest VIA embedded audio driver for most VIA southbridge designs ... more info on the selection here

tnx LTR, but...

yeah, those are the latest VIA audio drivers, which looked kind of bloated to me, so I haven't updated 'till now. But I haven't found they incorporate an EQ. All I found is that since 2004/3/17 (Ver 5.20) "Supported the EQ function for application through APIs"

What does it means :confused:
What do you mean :confused:

API: application programming interface
An API is a series of functions that programs can use to make the operating system do their dirty work. Using Windows APIs, for example, a program can open windows, files, and message boxes--as well as perform more complicated tasks--by passing a single instruction.

So I guess that "Supported the EQ function for application through APIs" may mean something here. But how?
Is there an EQ option now in the audio control panel or somewere else?
Is this a way to somehow, get close to something like the following idea?

I don't know programming but I'm sure this should be something relatively easy to implement. Software equalizers modules or plugins are relatively simple applets and all of us running audio software in our putters already should have several of them in our systems (winamp, windvd, audio editors, etc...). So in theory, all you need is to make your master output audio stream run through one of those EQ modules or plugins before the audio is sent to the speakers (with the option to have and save several presets). Looks so simple... but I don't know how to do it. I'm so dumm that I coudn't make Music Media Player use one of those EQ, even with the filters overrides add filters option :eek:

also, waiting for you viper, and anyone else with other options

LTR12101B said: - latest VIA embedded audio driver for most VIA southbridge designs ... more info on the selection here
YES!! the new Vinyl driver comes with the ugliest interface control panel thingy called "Vinyl Deck" and the usual playback and recording sliders, plus a simple EQ that works pretty much as I wanted, at the level it should be, without afecting global performance. Still is very basic and lacks support for preset managing, but it's a start, it works and is free!!!

so it seems my desires weren't that allien, as the chipset manufacturers decided to add an EQ to their driver, just wish they were more explicit about it

tnx LTR... :D :D :D
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