Skype 3.x


Changelog 2.5 -> 3.0

20.12.2006 version

change: API: re-allowed app2app incoming connections from non-authorized buddies
bugfix: e-mail validation pattern did not allow numbers before @ sign
bugfix: Skype crashed on SMS number verification
bugfix: Skype may crash on rare cases after ending video call
bugfix: API: setting call forwarding did not work


17.01.2007 version

bugfix: 'Add SkypeOut Contact' opens wrong dialogue
bugfix: API: FOCUSED notifications missing
bugfix: Hotkeys did not work correctly
bugfix: Upgrade from client crashed on some rare cases
bugfix: Skypecasts host is always shown as connected
bugfix: Skypecasts incorrect number of participants showed
bugfix: Skypecasts buttons are out of align for host
bugfix: Rare error when joining conf call and 1:1 call simultaneously
bugfix: Closing chat with non-authorized contact results an error message
bugfix: Cancelling file transfer causes crash
bugfix: File Transfer notification not formatted correctly
bugfix: Sound Setting Widget: Mic indicator shouldn't move, if microphone is muted
bugfix: Sound Setting Widget layout design is messed up due to resize under Vista
bugfix: Update Extras Manager menus to remove 2nd line of text
bugfix: Issue in Finnish and Hungarian language files caused an error message when adding a friend


24.01.2007 version

bugfix: Cannot send SMS from contact menu in Chat window
bugfix: Updated Internet Explorer and Firefox plugins
bugfix: ActiveX objects cannot be created in eBay tab
bugfix: SkypeCheck did not work on clean 3.0 install


Today, 31st January, we have released update to Skype for Windows 3.0. Build number for this release is

This version has one known problem please be aware of it before updating:
Skype Extras Manager displays error messages on launching some of the plug-ins under Windows’ Limited User account.

Other changes are:
bugfix: SkypePM.exe crashes on first start after installation
bugfix: Russian language display problems in updater
bugfix: Groups panel stayed open when user was changed
bugfix: Contact list focus was lost when using some toolbar buttons


07.02.2007 version

bugfix: Sometimes changing avatar caused error "List index out of bounds"
bugfix: API ACL form was misaligned on high dpi screens
bugfix: API: BTN_RELEASED gave double signal


14.02.2007 version

known issue: MSI installer gives warning message when upgrading from non-msi versions older than

bugfix: API ACL form was misaligned on high dpi setting

change: IE/FF Plugins updated


21.03.2007 version

Known Issue: API: cannot set default video device
Known Issue: API: app2app connection is not established if other party is not in your buddy list
bugfix: API: OPEN CHAT command was not working
bugfix: My pictures gave wrong error message when broken picture was used
bugfix: Adding a png image as a profile image caused repeated error message
bugfix: High CPU and an error message with double-byte languages when creating public chat

Other changes since last post:

14.03.2007 version
Known Issue: API: command OPEN CHAT does not open chat window
Known Issue: API: app2app connection is not established if other party is not in your buddy list
bugfix: Cannot focus disabled window error when selecting "Create New Contact Group"
bugfix: Japanese currency symbol was wrong in myself panel
bugfix: PREMIUM CALLS: Drop down did not show last agreed fee when new request was rejected
bugfix: PREMIUM CALLS: Request button was not disabled if charge started and only 1 service listed

07.03.2007 version BETA
feature: Skype Prime
change: Plugin Manager updated
bugfix: SkypePM.exe may have shown a 'DLL Initialization Failed' error message on shutting down Windows.
bugfix: SkypeFind: search for umlaut characters from tab did not work
bugfix: SkypeIn call trayalert was wrong
bugfix: Typing indicator: behaviour incorrect when typing was stopped
bugfix: API: sometimes GROUPS gave wrong data about USERS and NROFUSERS

21.02.2007 version BETA
Known issue: SkypePM.exe may show a 'DLL Initialization Failed' error message on shutting down Windows.
feature: Skype Find
feature: Account Panel redesign
feature: Alerts Platform
feature: Typing indicator
feature: API: possible to get contact's avatar and get and set own avatar
feature: API: CALL property TARGET_IDENTITY
bugfix: API: after joining calls to conference VIDEO_(SEND|RECEIVE)_STATUS RUNNING was erroneously sent
bugfix: API: ongoing call was not put on hold while answering another incoming call
bugfix: API: notification of clicking MENU_ITEM in Tools returned user_id

28.02.2007 version
bugfix: 1st attempt to log into Skype with an existing username after a clean installation caused Skype to crash


28.03.2007 version

bugfix: Call button did not work in tray alert with an incoming call
bugfix: Crash on quitting Skype before history was loaded
bugfix: Skype sometimes crashed when clicking myself panel status link
bugfix: API: allowing to set default video in device again
bugfix: API: OPEN SENDCONTACTS supporting multiple parameters again
change: API: app2app connection is also established if the other party is not in buddy list


04.04.2007 version

change: Extras Manager updated to version
bugfix: Skype crashed when playing some wav files
bugfix: Skype may have crashed when disabling Live Tab
bugfix: Rich mood message formatting was lost on some occasions
bugfix: Skype crashed on some occasions when logging out right after login
bugfix: Receiving call from unknown number resulted false notification message
bugfix: Skype crashed when changing chat picture on some cases
bugfix: API ACL dialogue did not support Unicode characters


feature: "Save as" possibility in My Pictures
change: Extras Manager updated to version
change: Video icon in contact card is now clickable
change: Blue background for "Start my video" button
change: Video capability icon is shown in profile windows also
change: New call forwarding status icon
change API: API plugin will be banned for current session if user closes ACL form 3 times
bugfix: Audio related small fixes
bugfix: Skype crashed when conference starting windows was opened with incorrect telephone number
bugfix: Start Skype when I start Windows doesn't match with settings on Sign-In screen
bugfix: Links in account panel were not clickable
bugfix: Advanced options were not displayed if user saved settings on them
bugfix: Video preview in options were on wrong resolution
bugfix: Options buttons had white boarders around them
bugfix: In conference call host was not marked as host
bugfix: Learn more link in privacy options was misaligned
bugfix: On rare occasions Skype was not displayed in taskbar
bugfix: Contact card displayed sometimes wrongly in compact mode
bugfix: Changing display mode to compact while chat open was not fully acknowledged
bugfix: Volume widget in options was not accessible from keyboard
bugfix: Typing indicator has sometimes in compact mode box around it
bugfix: File Transfer windows had 2 unnamed links for screen reader
bugfix: Unable to start conference call from menu
bugfix: Tray icon warning was not cleared when user logged out and right after in with another user
bugfix: Special characters in SMS deleted other content in some occasions
bugfix: Volume slider was reset after call by Skype if user had changed it
bugfix: Skype crashed on rare cases when ending conference call
bugfix: Privacy settings for incoming call did not work always
bugfix: Call quality feedback link did not work
bugfix: Cyrillic characters displayed as question marks on some cases
bugfix API: "API Attachment Successful" event was not received from Skype client
bugfix API: Pending plugins were not notified about authorization changes
updated language files

Changelogs for betas here:


16.05.2007, version

bugfix: Options has compatibility issues with screen readers
bugfix: Upgrading from Skype did not work
bugfix: No voice heard on some services


23.05.2007, version

change: Call forwarding setup banner
change: Extras Manager updated to version
bugfix: Error 2739 while installing Skype


31.05.2007, version

feature: Getting Started Wizard improvement
bugfix: Installer error 1603
bugfix: Sound setting not saved on Vista
bugfix: Accessibility problems with screen readers resolved
bugfix: Delay when playing notification sounds
bugfix: Incoming call is not sent to Voicemail if user rejects it
bugfix: On some rare cases conference call participants were muted
bugfix: Skype crashes sometimes when ending a call
bugfix: NTLM proxy authentication did not work
bugfix API: App2App transfers did not work as expected
Language files updated


04.07.2007, version

improvement: Installer Vista support improved
change: Internet Explorer plugin updated
bugfix: Call quality slightly improved
bugfix: Installer did not remember previous install location
bugfix: Latvian installer was not working
bugfix: Skype displayed blanks under audio settings
bugfix: Some rich mood messages were not shown correctly

13.06.2007, version

feature: Added Latvian localization done by Intars Students
improvement: Audio calls improved
change: Do not accept multichats from not authorized contacts
change: IE plugin updated
change: Extras Manager updated to version
bugfix: CCleaner removed 2 Skype related registry entries
bugfix: Tray icon menu not translated during login
bugfix: Skype sometimes crashed on password change notification
bugfix: On rare occasions Skype crashed when opening options.
bugfix: Skype may have crashed in large multichats
bugfix: NTLM proxy authentication did not work


07.08.2007 Skype

feature: Safety and Privacy Improvements
feature API: SET_INPUT for recording Voicemail
change: IE plugin updated to version
change: Extras Manager updated to version
change: Dial tone changed
change: Updated all localizations
bugfix: Add video to mood message button was not clickable in entire lenght
bugfix: Incoming chat message notification displayed video messages wrongly
bugfix: Error message displayed when shutting down Windows while Skype was running on some occasions
bugfix: Wrong payment rejection cause displayed when person called from not compatible client
bugfix: Send contacts button was active after leaving chat
bugfix: Call was put on hold when screen saver activated
bugfix: Audio devices with the same name where displayed incorrectly
bugfix: Skype crashed when ending a call in some circumstances
bugfix: On some rare cases opening chat resulted 100% CPU usage