Shareaza site, hostile takeover

Saw this on CDFREAKS, and though it deserved a wider airing... is this payback for Piratebay taking control of (which is now back to what it was)


The domain is NOT, i repeat NOT the official shareaza site anymore. We have changed it too Shareaza - Bringing P2P Together. is a fraud and offers a download package containing spyware and adware !

Shareaza IS and ALWAYS will be free and open source without spyware and adware!

Get your shareaza copy at Shareaza - Bringing P2P Together and nowhere else!!!

Domain transfer

On 19 December 2007, the project's domain name,, was redirected to promoting the download of a new client, called ShareazaV4, which is not connected to the original software.[4] The original project's home page was moved to Welcome to
Since 1 January 2008, the new domain uses Shareaza's built-in automatic update feature to suggest to users that the ShareazaV4 application is an update to Shareaza. This vulnerability was fixed in Shareaza[5]
The La Societe Des Producteurs De Phonogrammes En France (SPPF), the representative of recording labels in France, had sued Jonathan Nilson since at the time his name was under the domain Currently is under the control of MusicLab, an assitant to the RIAA and an associate of SPPF. [6]