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Hi again... :)

Just installed my freshly bought copy of Aquanox 2 - Revelation. Copy Protection's not as usual in the Aquanox 2 Revelation.exe but in the AN2.dat - for all those wondering why they don't find any Copy Protection.

Aquanox 2 Revelation (german): v.
and another update...

Noone Lives Forever 2 v1.2: Securom v4.84.00.0039

it's not the NOLF2.exe anymore that's protected (I think before v1.2 it's been the NOLF2.exe) but the Lithtech.exe
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Lord of the rings - securom

The Lord of the rings has securom
I have managed to produce a working copy as follows:
Used alcohol 120% V 1.4.8 build 1222.
Selected securom*new 4x/5x for read using at 1x speed and default settings.
The image was burned 4x speed using securom*new 4x/5x with 'RMPS' on. This works without any emulation.
I have tested it with CD-R and CD-RW several times, all work on three different computers/CD drives.


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I have d/l Edited reason:- please dont ask questions relateed to downloaded /pirate games thanks your other post was ALSO EDITED ! >>>VIPER_1069 <<<< :)

please read the forum rules here thanks >

and found in the README that it is Securom. The README told me to burn the .cue/.bin file but i cant seem to find it in the pack. Did i miss something? I am new to these things so if i need to do some steps plz let me know.
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Well unfortunately we cannot help you seeing as you downloaded it and is against our "No Warez" rule as noted by viper ;) . Please checkout the RULES