search-find files/folders not working any more

I'm with Win 2K and suddenly win explorer's search-find files/folders function is not working any more. Instead of a search window a win explorer window flashes briefly on the task bar and then closes. Also, ain't working the go to the original file function from an icon properties window, it just kind of frezzes there for a while. Similar thing with the open folder option after a right click download. Damm M$

I've searched the net for an answer to this, founding several reports of it on all Win OSes, but no working solutions so far. I don't use TweakUI, nor have a NoFind value at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoFind (did try it though). Also did run full antivirus and spyware scans.

any clues on how to check the search modules and rebuild them or their registry or whatever before having to rebuild my main system partition from last image :confused: :confused: :mad:
Duracell said:
some worms/tronjans deactivates search function as prevention against manual deleting; ==>

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tnx pal, maybe that, didn't find one though, or some other program just messed the search modules...

but, is there a way to get searches back to work?. I'm using Agent Ransak for searches, and is fine, but not being able to go to the original file from an icon properties window or couldn't open the download folder after a right click download does pisses me off
its a reg hack PONZAN but try it :)

i know u said you tried but try it anyhow see if yer value is 01 :)

i will explain how to for the benefit of those in need to know :)

edit the registery in the normal way from the run bar type in "regedit" no quotes and hit ok

look for the following key in the registery as follows ....


If "NoFind" has the value "01 00 00 00" change it to "00 00 00 00"

close the registery editor

log off and back on to activate or a full reboot which ever you prefer :)

note if you are unsure about editing the registery find someone to do it for you to avoid accidents :)
have you been using TWEAK UI

open Tweakui and uncheck the Classic Explorer box and see if that helps ?!

also look at the desktop tab in tweak ui and see if the SEARCH RESULTS tab is checked :)
from another forum

if you have Zone Alarm installed on a Win 2000 machine, you may have to go Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Services and select World Wide Web Publishing Service. Disable this service or set it to Manual.
tnx viper

I'm having a lot of trouble to get into the forum these days, I tryed to reply to you on Sept 19, but when I send the reply it didn't went trough and then couldn't connect again ¿?

I have try the registry hack you suggested before posting, with no luck. No TweakUI but FreshUI here, SygateFirewall, all checked

This is a wierd thing that I would love to understand; I wanted to know how to check the Windows search modules and rebuild them or their registry or whatever. But then, I just got tired and simply restored my system from last backup image, just 3 weeks old (I try to backup monthly and boy, every time I have needed it I feel so glad I've done it). Then I reinstalled all the updates I remember I've done since and everything looks fine now ¿?. So in this case, the problem was solved, but I would love to understand how this happened and how to overcame this situations in a more direct way. Damm M$ (I mean, they should do stuff that you can understand and fix without having to restore or worse reinstall your system dammit!!!
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strange !?

anyhow glad you got sorted best make a new restore /image as soon as you get all your favorite programs back on :)
i still think the cause was malware or hijack stuff and not a real Win problem; maybe an evel script caught at the net;
might well be Duracell, I would love to know how to know what went wronged and how should that kind of thing be fixed. All I'm saying is that whatever whenever was the culprit M$ doesn't make it easy for you to know how to check and fix this things, nobody here nor on the net, that I could found, knew how to do it. And I'm sure some pretty smart/experienced guys had read the postings bout this issue. One more of those puting mysteries :confused: