Safedisc2 Game Titles

Age of wonders 2:The wizard's Throne,battlefield 1942,mafia,madden 2003,divine divinity,project earth:starmageddon,medieval total war,sudden strike 2,conflict desert storm and emperor rise of the middle kingdom are all safedisc 2
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Good work bud!!Looks like the list is yours now!;)

I'm wondering if A Securom New list might be required.People are really struggling to do backups of the latest Securom games.
already ahead of you there m8;) ....only by 5mins though lol...i was just starting to get a list of securom new titles together;)
Stevie...SD2 has been updated again.People are finding newest releases difficult,if not impossible to backup..:(
just an idea:

what about putting the exact version of safedisc 2 behind the game title if available? especially as with the newest version of safedisc (2.8x) there are new problems with every burner...

here's my ten cents, my two cent's free...: ;)

Stronghold (german): v2.60.052
Stronghold Crusader (german): v2.70.030
Red Alert II: v2.05.030
Red Alert II - Yuri's Revenge: v2.40.010
MechWarrior 4 - Inner Sphere MechPack: v2.11.010
MechWarrior 4 - Black Knight: v2.30.033
Grand Prix 4 (german): v2.60.052
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I was considering that myself, just like in the securom list....but there are a few drawbacks,
1> I haven't got access to all of the games in the games list.
2> Many will have to be installed before the version number can be found, as most have the exe files compressed in cab files..a possibility is if i compile a batch file for I6Comp that will extract the exe from the cab file, i've only ever compiled a batch file to replace an exe in a cab file with a cracked one..i'll look into that when i get the chance.

If you or anybody else can provide the version no's i'll gladly add them to the list ;)
alright, then look up again... ;)
i've gotten ALL those SD version numbers from the cds...
they all had the uncompressed game.exe in the cd's root dir...

maybe one should hint to safedisc analyser (*hint hint* ;)) so more people can check their games for the SD version...
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Battlefield 1942 (german): v2.60.052
Operation Flashpoint (german): v2.51.020
Operation Flashpoint Resistance (german): v2.60.025
Delta Force - Landwarrior (german): v2.05.030
Black and White (german): v2.10.030
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feh... safedisc2 emulation ain't workin on Tom & Jerry

I tried every software from Alcohol 120% to WinOnCD to backup Tom & Jerry in Fists of Furry - no good...
Anyone have any success with it?
If so, PLEASE let me know - my 2 1/2 year old daughter LOVES mauling CDs and I really don't feel like buying a new game every time she uses the damn thing... *sigh*