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What reg entry do you need to change to be able to delete index.dat? I know that it can be washed, but I want to delete it to see what happens.
Index.dat files are files impossible to delete under windows, and it stores all the information of your surfing history, you can be followed through these dangerous files. and even if you delete your cookies and your history, these index.dat files remain there and become bigger and bigger, their original size is 16kb but they can reach up until 600kb.

to preserve your privacy I found a way to delete them.. it's impossible to do in windows thus you have to reboot your computer then press F8 or F5 for advanced boot options; then choose "safe mode with command prompt; log in as administrator and then from there you can delete them freely without windows preventing it.

just go to the root (c:\) by typing CD\

then type del index.dat /s then enter

and all the files names index dat in your computer will be deleted permanently.

for more security; also in command prompt mode; go and completely delete your cookies folder to be completely sure all your internet cache and history is gone forever. (well until you start browsing again; as soon as you boot up normally windows will recreate them.. But blank)



Nunyobiznes said:
Thanks for the tip. I assume that it is recreated when windows is restarted. Correct?
Correct. The person who wrote this tip, was a little contradictory. In one sentence he says "deleted permanently," but then in the sentence below it he admits, "normally windows will recreate them.. But blank." The latter phrase is correct... they are recreated.

When you perform this tip in safe mode and then reboot, Windows will recreate more than 50% of them as you boot into Windows. You see, Windows requires them to function. Over a span of a month, I had noticed more and more of the .dat files I deleted returning. Thus Windows must create them as needed. So performing this tip once a week or month, would be necessary if you want it to work as advertised.

BTW, many Windows cleaners also do this for you. Ie, delete the files as Windows initially reboots, then allows Windows to recreate them... albeit with nothing in them (blank).

Mind you this is still a great "tweak," but the wording itself needs to be tweaked a little for less confusion. Now I suppose you can say "deleted permanently" if you never booted into Windows normally again. But then again if you did not, there would be no reason for this tweak... now would there?! ;)
dx said:
Thus Windows must create them as needed.

The registry controls every aspect of Windows, as you already know. I still think there has to be a way to modify the reg to perevent this from happening. Any suggestions where I could start?
I can't believe that with all the knowledge that is ammased in this forum, that not one person knows how to edit the registry to prevent the index.dat files. Can anyone at least point me in the right direction where I could find the answer I seek?
Sometimes theres no answer to be found :)
The registry has unfortunately nothing to do with the creation of index.dat files.
Their existence are coded into windows.

This dude says hes working on a solution to actually delete them from windows though.
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