Recover FireFox Passwords using FireFox Password Viewer


FirePasswordViewer is the GUI version of popular FirePassword tool to recover login passwords stored by Firefox. Like other browsers, Firefox also stores the login details such as username, password for every website visited by the user at the user consent. All these secret details are stored in Firefox sign-on database securely in an encrypted format. FirePasswordViewer can instantly decrypt and recover these secrets even if they are protected with master password.
Also FirePasswordViewer can be used to recover sign-on passwords from different profile (for other users on the same system) as well as from the different operating system (such as Linux, Mac etc). This greatly helps forensic investigators who can copy the Firefox profile data from the target system to different machine and recover the passwords offline without affecting the target environment.

Using FirePasswordViewer

FirePasswordViewer is the standalone application and it does not require any installation. You can just run it by double clicking on the executable file.

Here are the brief usage details.

* On running, FirePasswordViewer automatically populates the Firefox profile location if it is already installed. Otherwise you can enter the profile location manually.

* If you have set the master password for your Firefox, then you need to specify the same in the master password box.

* Once the profile location is specified, you can click on 'Start Recovery' button and FirePasswordViewer will instantly recover all passwords from Firefox sign-on store.

* By default passwords are not shown for security reasons as it is sensitive data. However you can click on 'Show Password' button to view these passwords.

* Finally you can save all recovered password list to HTML file by clicking on 'Save as HTML' button.

You can also use FirePasswordViewer to recover passwords from different system either Windows or Linux. In that case you can copy Firefox profile data from remote system to local machine and then specify that path in the profile location field for recovering the passwords.

Screenshots of FirePasswordViewer

Screenshot 2: Showing the hidden passwords recovered by FirePasswordViewer on clicking 'Show Password' button.

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