Ram Questions??



im looking at getting pc3200 and getting rid of my pc2700 so that my p4 run in 1:1 ratio so im looking on ebay for some and there is a man selling pc3500 and saying that it will work on pc3200 and will be faster is this true and will it work "as is back compatible"
thanks guys/girls
After checking you MB model it is supposed to support up to 3200.
3500 should not hurt it, but the memory will only run as fast as the MB will support.

I have done this before wis the good old sdram placed a 133 mdoel into a 100 MB no problems there but will only run at 100mhz.

I suppose it will be the same in this instance.

If it is cheaper the the 3200 go and get it but make sure it is a good brand.
AFAIK, there is no "official" standard for "PC3500", so it may be no more than PC3200 designed/tested to higher frequency.

If the timings are slackened to allow it to work at higher speed, then it might be slower than it needs to be in PC3200, though it might take better timings on manual.

Equally, using loosened manual timings, your PC2700 may well overclock to 1:1 - if it's CAS2.5 or better, I'd expect it to handle the higher speed at CAS3.

Mind you, there's a lot to be said for feeding you system or motherboard details into Crucial.com - use their memory selector, and they guarantee compatibility.