Rainbow 6 rogue spear on windows XP !? ANY IDEAS !?

ANYONE manage to get this to work on xp tried the 2.05 patch but no luck ?!

tried compatable mode no luck either ?!

thanks for any tips in advance :)
Here it´s working with no problem, had to disable hyperthreading to run it but besides that no other isssue, maybe your problem is driver related this is what I´m using:

PIV 2.8 with HT disabled
Geforce4 TI4200 vivo with detonator v.52.16
Soundblaste Audigy with Kx project dirvers
Windows XP sp1

Hope this could help to find out what´s wrong
HMMM dont think its HT mate !? other games work like (HL blue shift )but not this its not my system so i dont really wanna mess too much if i can help it :)


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I haven't played Rogue spear in long time. I found it in my desk and thought to install on my new laptop which runs on Windows XP. I inserted CD and it came up with menu screen where I selected Install Rogue spear button but nothing happened. I also tried to install it by executing setup.exe file from CD but again nothing happened. I learned that Rogue spear is only for 95 and 98. Is that true? If not, how do I install this game on my laptop? Please help!
It´s been a while since I played rogue spear but for other titles that won´t install/play in XP I ended up with what IMO is the best solution: the last time I updated my PC kept the old parts and assembled a separated PC which became my "Retrobox" installed W98 and all the games that wouldn´t run in XP, also another option that is becoming a good resource are the guys at gog.com for the small prices you save the trouble of having to deal with emulators or multiple boxes and for very reasonable prices, check this out:Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® - GOG.com