Qcheck (Network Troubleshoter)

Qcheck is a free Utility for Network Troubleshooting from NetIQ!
Based on the parameters you select, the Qcheck console will instruct any two endpoints to run a test and return the results to you at the Qcheck console.

For a response time test, Qcheck returns the minimum, maximum and average number of seconds it took to complete a transaction.
For a throughput test, Qcheck returns the amount of data per second that was successfully sent between the two endpoints.
For a streaming test, Qcheck returns the rate at which the streaming data was received by the second endpoint and the amount of packet loss that occurred.
For a traceroute test, Qcheck returns the number of hops, average hop latency, and the address and names of the host at each hop.

Still the only downside is you have to sign up to download this utility.. Look here for it.:)