PGEN v1.1 Released

Sjeep has just released the latest version of the excellent PGEN

Posted by Sjeep
PGEN v1.1 is out! The highlight this release is support for the PS2 HDD. You may now load ROMS from a HDD, as well as save and load saved states to and from a HDD. Here is the full list of changes since the last release:
Just about all PS2 specific code re-written

Started using gsLib for graphics
Added scroll bar to romlist and Save Manager
Added support for loading ROM's from the memory cards
Added HDD support. Now possible to save/load states and options to the HDD, and load ROM's from the HDD
CD refresh obsolete, removed
Added support for zipped roms
Filtering now available for rendering (hardware linear filtering)
Saved states now use zlib for compression. Old saves are incompatible.
Killed support for OLD JAP consoles (sorry )
Fixed bug with FIFO empty (VDP control port) emulation. Fixes games such as Wonderboy 5 and Splatterhouse 2.
Added multitap support for use in 4 player games
No longer load modules from cdrom, making it possible to boot from a memory card via the PS2 Independence exploit
Many other misc changes